The new Pakxan – Bueng Kan bridge

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  1. The new Pakxan – Bueng Kan bridge.

    While crossing back into Thailand last week on the Pakxan ferry, I noticed that work had just begun on the new Laos-Thailand Bridge that will join the towns of Pakxan and Bueng Kan.

    The bridge will be located just 100 metres from the where ferry landing and immigration offices on the Thai side currently stand.

    The head officer said the bridge will be completed in 3 years,.. so look out for the opening on December 2016.

    The Thai side,…and the large tree to the right of the excavator came down about 2 minutes after I took this photo.

    Work is also under way on the Lao side.


    This is where the completed bridge will cross the river.

    The KLX, on the spot that will be the very start of the bridge on the Thai side.


  2. Hell they can't seem to Build the Bridges Quick enough! Now all We need is for them to actually let Us Use them!!!
  3. Rex, Can you tell us anything/everything about crossing now from Pakxan to Bueng Kan ?
    I would like to return to Thailand from Lao at this crossing. Vientiane can be very busy and I would like to try a new crossing.
    Thanks, Al
  4. The Pakxan-Bueng Kan is one of the easiest places to cross. Just go to the ferry landing in Pakxan which is where customs and immigration are located, do the paper work, then get on the ferry which takes about 30 minutes to get to Thailand for 150baht. Once there do the paper work etc, and away you go.
    On both sides the immigration and customs people are friendly and helpful.
    Just remember Lao lunch break is between 11.30am and 1.00pm, and nothing happens then.
    How long you have to wait for the ferry, is luck of the draw.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Rex, That's great info !
    Thanks again,
  6. Hello Rex:

    Hope you are still having a great ride. Saw you in 101 before we headed down to Ko Chang... I believe you were off to Ubol/Pakse and beyond... happy new years!
  7. 5th Friendship Bridge in pipeline

    February 16, 2016 by Wanwisa Ngamsangchaikit

    BOLIKHAMSAI, 16 February 2016: The construction of the 5th Lao-Thai Mekong Friendship Bridge, which will connect Bolikhamsai province in Lao PDR to Thailand’s Bung Kan province, should begin in 2019.

    Lao News Agency quoted Department of Public Works and Transport’s Road Management Division head, Vixay Phoumy, saying the survey and design of the bridge is now 90% complete and the location for its construction has been finalised.

    The final design of 5th Lao-Thai Mekong Friendship Bridge Construction Project has already been submitted to the governments of Laos and Thailand.

    inside no 3“Currently, we are only waiting for the construction budget to be approved and the construction companies to make their final bids. Construction could begin in 2019 at an estimated cost of USD85 million,” the director said.

    The two governments will share the cost of the bridge 50%-50%, he added.

    The bridge will span the Mekong River approximately 1,350 metres long and 17 metres wide.

    Once completed, the bridge will improve transport between two countries and should help to improve the local economies on both sides of the river. This bridge will link highway 13 in central Laos to northeast Thailand.

    Currently, there are four Thai-Lao Friendship Bridges: Vientiane-Nong Khai; Savannakhet-Mukdahan; Khammouan-Nakhon Phanom; and Chaing Rai’s Chiang Khong-Bokeo’s Huay Xai.

  8. Update April 2018

    Construction of the 5th Thai-Lao friendship bridge likely to begin this year-end


    Construction of the 5th Thai-Lao friendship bridge linking the northeastern province of Bueng Kan with Laos’ western township of Pakxan in Bolikhamsai province is likely to commence this year-end with the Ministry of Transport expecting to seek budget from the government in October.

    Land clearing for the construction of a road heading to the site of the 3.6-billion-baht bridge project in Bueng Kan province has already started with land along the road being expropriated and landowners compensated. Rubber trees along the route have also been felled for the road construction.

    Bueng Kan governor Phisut Busayapanpong said that Bueng Kan has the logistic capacity to cater to the increased passenger and cargo traffic in Nong Khai and Nakhon Phanom once the two provinces are linked by dual track train system and high-speed train system with Bangkok.

    He said the people of Bueng Kan had the expectation that the new friendship bridge linking the province with Pakxan in Laos would boost trade, investment and tourism in the province and help improve its economy.

    The bridge will also facilitate the flow of goods and people from northeastern Thailand through Laos into Vietnam and southern China and vice versa.

    The volume of border trade in Bueng Kan for the first six months of this fiscal year amounted to 4.7 billion baht with Thai exports accounting for 3 billion baht.

    With the completion of the bridge, Bueng Kan Customs Office expects that border trade will multiply to about 30 billion baht per annum.

    Source: Thai PBS News. 22 April 2018

  9. Good news for customs officials only, me think. :confused::confused:

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