The New Yamaha T7 At Eicma Show. Milan

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  1. The new enduro T7 ,700cc using the parallel twin MT07 engine that will replace the beloved 660 Tenere was presented last night @EICMA. but it will be sold in 2018........bummer.What a beauty

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  2. Yeah I was Told it was coming early 2017! Another Year wait is a real Bugger!
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    in fact I 'm already going mental because this is a bike I really want.I test ride the MT07, sweet engine! Ian, You mentioned Yamaha told you that was going to be at Bkk motorshow 2017? Which dealer?I was at CM square today and I got the classic "we don't know".. I actually let them know the project exist.
    The problem could be where is produced ..if is in Japan can be imported easily, but I do know is been worked on by Yama Europe for sure.collaboration between techs from Italy, Holland , France

    Dakar-Inspired Yamaha T7 Concept Unveiled at EICMA - ADV Pulse
  4. The Salesman there told Me it was coming on Messenger. When We went to the shop some time later He said not sure??? They really know Bugger all and I think We are better informed watching the Internet Ha Ha!
  5. ye prob better.I am connected with the Tenereclubitalia for that.there is a huge buzz u can imagine...

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