The (not Very) Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2020 - Chiang Mai.


Jun 23, 2011
(27th September 2020) The 6th Annual DGR in Chiang Mai, and quite possibly the least Distinguished Ride in Chiang Mai history…

Each year, the annual global Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride helps raise funds and awareness of prostate cancer and men’s mental health (via the Movember Foundation). In previous years the ride has raised over $6 million USD (with Chiang Mai contributing around 7000 USD last year). This year the ride has been a strange one due to Covid19, with the group ride aspect being cancelled in order to follow social distancing guidelines, (favouring instead a solo sponsored ride). Thailand, however, has very little restrictions in place at this time due to handling the pandemic well (there are no new cases of Covid, nor has been for some time), so I chose to ride with a friend on this DGR (instead of normally riding solo). For more information on this year’s ride and previous rides, head over to the official DGR website.

The (Not Very) Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2020…
Two Take a Ride
This year’s ride was just a casual affair, with my friend Opal and I riding the local famous Samoeng Loop. This was also a great excuse to get together as Opal had only just finally got back into the country after being locked out for many months. She was on holiday before the borders locked down, leaving her locked out of her own country for many months. Finally, after a long wait, lots of red tape and 14 days quarantine, she was able to return home. This ride was her first motorcycle ride in many months. She was excited to get back on her bike.

As for dressing the part, well, I did aim to dress a bit more “Gentleman Style”, however, I am a tad Covid-Calorific in truth (back at the gym now!) and none of my previous Gentleman’s Ride clothes fitted me!! On top of that, on the morning of the ride, the heel of my traditional riding boots fell off my boot! So, this is the best I could do.

I am VERY Distinguished, Dah’ling. Didn’t you know? ^^

The wonderful thing about hanging out with Opal is the laughs. Side-splitting nonsense. Thankfully the nice places we visited had a chuckle at our antics, rather than offended. We were actually polite! Just that we tend to get a fit of the giggles whenever we get together. Laughs are so much needed, especially at this time!

We had a fabulous ride together, taking time to enjoy the views, indulge in some good food, and mess around taking photos and videos.

Diet..? Um… maybe not today haha!

Rain threatened to hammer down, but we luckily stayed dry the whole ride. Although it was extremely humid!


The famous Samoeng Viewpoint Lookout

How much has been raised this year?
This is still ongoing, so I will update this post in a week or so!
Many many thanks to those who sponsored me on this ride. It goes towards an important cause! For more information on what the money goes towards, read HERE.
Additionally, you can still sponsor me here for the ride: Zed CM

Take good care of yourselves gentlemen, mentally and physically. Inform yourself and your loved ones about prostate cancer and to read up on the signs and symptoms. (Cancer Research UK has a list of symptoms: Symptoms of prostate cancer | Cancer Research UK).


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Stay happy and healthy

Hope you enjoyed this short write-up on this year’s (daft) DGR. :)


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Well done Zed.
You've certainly developed a special style & talent with the delightful Opal.

It would be interesting to follow you together with a "hidden camera" & make a viral clip, as you two ladies would certainly be a winner.

Keep up the good work & thanks for posting.