The PERFECT bike for Thailand!

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  1. vespa_militaire_tap.

    Just imagine the fun and satisfaction you could have with this baby....... :twisted:


  2. I wonder who conceived that, Mussolini's evil twin brother?!
    If you fire that thing the scooter would go backwards.
    Maybe there's a tripod on the other side...
    But I'd love to go back in time to that exhibition, there are brand new bikes from Jawa - CZ, Messerscmidt, Viktoria, Pannonia and some makers I've never heard of, like Liberia. Imagine you could be there and talk to the executives about the benefits of four-strokes and double overhead cams...
  3. KZ,

    Here's some info from the website I got it from (

    It is named the Vespa 150 TAP (Troupes Aéro Portées) and it’s an Italian Vespa scooter modified by creating a hole in the legshield to carry a M20 75 mm recoilless rifle. The recoil or ‘kick’ from the rifle was counter balanced by venting propellant gases out the rear of the weapon; this eliminated the need for heavy mounts, and enabled the weapon to be fired from the Vespa frame. Due to the lack of any kind of aiming devices, the recoilless rifle was supposed to be mounted on a tripod, which was also carried by the scooter. Primarily built for the Algerian War in the 1950s, five parachutes could carry a two-man gun crew, weapon, ammunition, and two scooters. Then the men would load the weapon on one scooter and the ammo on the other, before riding away to find their enemy. Although rumour has it that the drivers were seen more often pushing it rather than riding on it …

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  4. I love it ...I want it.

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