The Return Of The Daewoo - Daewoo And Son.

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  1. I'm a bit out of touch with GT-Rider. It's hard to keep myself monitoring the threads when I'm not really planning any trips, just stick at work and dreaming of riding in Asia.

    After a flying visit to Chiang Mai this time last year, and then a week riding from Hanoi to the China Border on 100cc bikes, I've been in a bad spot at home. I was out of work for a while, and consequently quiet on the trip planning front while I focused on keeping the family fed and a roof over our heads.

    While riding in Vietnam along the China border, in the poorest part of Vietnam, I started thing how good it would be for my sons to see that kind of thing, rather than resort holidays that they were more likely to see.

    This year my oldest boy finishes Public School and will enter High School. I thought that was a great opportunity for him to spend some time with Dad, having a bit of an adventure, and also growing a bit. A sort of coming of age trip.

    I expect that we'll be in Chiang Mai early January, and I hope to see some of my old friends, and new ones.

  2. Sounds great bringing your son over for a trip & experiencing something real.
    Make sure you hook up this time round.
    BTW how was that week riding the China border from Hanoi - sounds like a bit of an adventure too. Who did you get your bikes from?
  3. It wasn't much to write about - which is why I didn't.

    I was in Vietnam for 2 weeks, training the Lifeguards in Vung Tao. Na Trang and Da Nang. At the end of the training part of the trip, we flew to Hanoi and rented bikes.

    It was organised by the mate who was living in Vietnam running out the Life Saving program for AusAid/Surf Lifesaving Australia. I since found out he is famous for not organising things.

    The day before we flew to Hanoi he got a recommendation of a shop to use, and that's where we went. We rented those 110cc Honda Wings. I tested 4 before I found one I was willing to settle for, but they were all dangerous pieces of crap.

    One didn't last the first day before the engine completely blew and was unrepairable. Every day started with 2 hours at the mechanic getting the bikes repaired.

    I don't mind doing it a bit tough, which kinda adds to the adventure, but it was really frustrating to lose days of travelling when you only have 6 or 7 days to start with.

    If only the organiser had asked me about where to go, I could have steered him to Flamingo Travel, or made some inquiries and had good recommendations.

    I originally intended to take my son to Vietnam, but wouldn't do it on those bikes again. An XR250 would be perfect. I just think it would be more fun (but less adventure) to come back to Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand.

  4. Thanks for the brief update. Sorry to hear the bikes under performed, but not really a surprise with their reputation.
  5. It was still a good adventure - One day we did 250km and ended up 50km from the start point and 200km from the destination at 8pm at night. Of course 5/7 bikes had hopeless headlights.

    The final day was 400km, including riding into Hanoi in peak hour - on my Birthday.

    Maybe doing it on better bikes wouldn't have been as much of an adventure, maybe I'm just getting soft.

    The Samoeng Loop on an XR250 from Mr Mechanic was definitely an adventure, 15 years ago, when it was the first time I'd riden a bike with gears :D.
  6. See You here I hope and time permitting I will join with You and Your Son on a Ride!
  7. Thanks Bungy - loved reading about your latest adventures.

    You really are pushing the envelope a bit these days.

    Hope you are fulfilling your Ambassadorial Responsibilities and promoting the good reputation of Kiwiland across the globe.
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  8. Just checking back in again to double confirm.

    Angus and I arrive in CNX Jan 15th. Obviously going to do a 2 day MHS Loop ride, to visit the GT-Rider Chedi and pay my respects to friends passed.

    Hope to get out for a few multi-day rides to Nan and probably Mae Sai area too.

    Will be looking for riding partners to make it more social, so start banking your ride credits.

    See you all in 48days, 19hours, 40minutes, 19seconds.
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  9. Catch you for a ride somewhere.

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