The Rocky Horror Mountain Trail

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  1. The Rocky Horror Mountain Trail - Khao Kheow.

    Surprised to bump in to Geoff and Phil on the trail..
    After the Rocky Horror trail.. sure they wished they hadn't 5555.

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  2. Nice. :) was wondering where the "Horror" bit was...Looked fun to me just too close to each other to do it right. I see I will have to travel south to meet up for some decent riding. :)
  3. Just a play on words.. Rocky Horror Show ;-)

    Yes the guys are out most Sundays.. Join the FB group.
    Pattaya Bad Boys Enduro and ask on there when people are riding or up for a ride.

    You have to get close with the Go Pro or you look really far away when you are really on top of the person.

  4. We have a down hill called Rocky Horror that is loose as hell and steep. A nice intimidator. Sadly I know what you mean mate. Eat a lot of roost videoing our clients on the tracks. When in the fun stuff I usually drop back or lead out so I have clean video of the obstacles and any of my screw ups ahha

    You might want to move ur gopro to under the visor, I had to many ripped off the helmet and have moved mine and never a problem any more plus easier to tell if its on from the beeps. Even easier running the Garmin Virb XE.
  5. Outrageous fun by the looks of it.
    I see your forearms exposed there a bit, don't you worry about getting whipped & cut by the bushes at all?
    Or doesn't it happen?
  6. From my experience you are correct - the fauna will get you - I have plenty of thorn and branch scars. I have a nice 4 inch welt on my left forearm right now from a not so friendly branch. But like all things there is the measure of give and take. Sometimes I have my sleeves rolled down...sometime rolled up - it really doesn't make that much difference as the fauna will gets its due regardless...sometimes I use elbow pads which can help a little with fauna protection but again sometimes not. Depends on the ride and my mood.
  7. I purchased some new body armour. Really more mx style. The other gear was just killing me. so hot. Ok for touring trails in Laos etc. But not weekend bush whacking.
    Very happy with it and not over heating. Shoulders also protected. But as you have seen. Nothing on lower arms.

    Dug out some roller blade elbow protectors. waiting on a mate to come back via the USA with a load of goodies. One of them is leat elbow and lower arm protectors.

    It really only gets you when tight and going at speed or as you can hear me yelp in the video when the big prickly branch came back at me on my lower arm.

    A little blood here and there but looks worse than is.

    I would not use this armor in touring trips with a lot of tarmac.

    Will post info about the body armour in that thread shortly. But way better than the other gear. Not stopping ripping everything off trying to cool down any more

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