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  1. Tom Forde

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    The Motorcycle Trader Magazine in Australia has published a 3 page spread on motorcycling in the Golden Triangle.
    Apparently the guy was in Changmai during the opening of the new Triumph Shop. His name is Rob Van Driesum.
    He hired a 200cc bike off Tony at Tony's Big Bikes.
    Gave David U. A good rap.
    However he got off the bike theme a bit, with comments like "A large number of European, American and Australian expats live in Chiang Mai, most of them men with (younger) Thai women, so our friends don't quite fit the pattern." I guess his wife didn't approve!
    Summing up his trip, he reckons the roads and scenery is amazing.

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  3. DavidFL

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    Here it is: the 4 page Aussie Motorcycle Trader report




  4. Muzz

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    Almost makes me want to move back! :)

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