the stator died...any Thai shops that rebuild them??

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  1. Great timing...
    I just had the engine rebuilt on my '98 Suzuki 250xc Djebel.
    Bike ran great...for 600km, when the stator, inside the bike's generator, failed and the battery discharged though the latter is still good. The other components on the bike are in good shape.

    Are there any reliable shops in Thailand that rebuild stators? I think they are the same as on the DR250 and early DRZ250s? Also, I don't know if the CDI is now also needing help.

    While I love the bike, the NET informs me that new stators and CDI's are expen$ive.
    Any suggestions or advise is appreciated...
  2. Jay, try the shop opposite Tesco South Pattaya on Sukhumvit near the pedestrian bridge. In the huge store behind his shop he might even find a good one for you !! Cheers, Franz
  3. Thanks, Franz, and convenient, too! The place you suggested is a short walk (1/2 km) from where I reside.
  4. Hi Friends, Hi CDRW,

    Just imagine you don't fin dit, go then in Banmooh Bangkok area along the klong and you'll find few open air "shops" who will do it easily...even with the wax and grease.


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