The Tiger goes for a run

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  1. I went to get the Tiger taxed today, after an oil change yesterday, then couldn't resist going for a blast around the Doi Mae Salong loop.


    Minimal traffic now the holidays are over, so was able to give the bike some stick. I did the loop clockwise, really enjoying the section from the sahm yaek on the 1089, near Bahn Lorcha, up to DMS. There is usually almost no traffic on this section, great twisties for a bit of scratching. Sweet Mae Salong was closed, as it was their stocking up day, so I went for coffee near Little Home Guest house.


    what's that brown stuff on the top of the crankcase then..?


    Guess I really should fix that leak at the head gasket....


    Ah, the elusive flowering of the DMS sakura trees.


    When you get in that racing crouch, it's hard not be a bit of a hooligan... haha..


    Good visibilty today, marvellous views. Just missed a 2m metre cobra crossing ahead of me on the way back along the 1234.


    After getting back to highway 1, I blasted up to Mae Sai and then checked out the 1290 back to Sop Ruak. The road is about 80% completed now and will be a cracker when done.

    A fun afternoon of about 200 klms. The Morgo 750cc conversion makes the bike a bit lumpy in traffic, but it's got plenty of balls on the open road. I've cut the end off the shorty goldstar silencers, so it's sounds bloody great too...... like a bike should..! :shock::lol:

  2. Thats a cracker Ian, despite a small drop of 'brown stuff' here and there. We should get a Triumph new and old run going around there. Great views too.
  3. Ron, a small drop of ' brown stuff ' here and there at our age is par for course isnt it ? :)
  4. Why am I sitting behind my desk in Bkk with my Street Triple under cover at home...? Wasting my time here...

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