The Ultimate GT-Rider mount?

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  1. Hi Friends,

    Ducati as allways...
  2. Looks are very important and the "double-nose" takes some getting used to...
    Like the stubby exhaust, though.
    Another high-tech bike I can't afford - but that's not DUCATI's fault!
  3. FLY BY WIRE is a Death trap...thats what is causing a lot of Toyotas problems and on a bike when the electronic throttle has a mind of its own will be messy.
    Apprillia have had some issues with Fly by wire throttles
    would not suprise me when motor manufacturers are banned from using Fly by wire , my brother is an engine designer and he says that FBW is dangerous in vehicles without a lot of backup computing systems like aircraft have.
    Awesome machine but pricey.
  4. I used to believe in cables and nothing but cables too. Until one got corroded and frayed out at the throttle body on my LT (Marco, take a good look if you are in there anytime soon). Guess what it did? Lets just say I had to be quick with the kill switch. So nothing is foolproof. Was it my fault for not changing out or at least lubing all the cables after I bought it? Probably, but lesson learned and I was lucky that didn't happen on a fast bike.

    I have FBW throttle on my Infiniti G35. Had the car since 2002 and 110000 miles later, not a single glitch. There is MotoGP proven tech all through this Multistrada including the FBW. But these systems are like anything, go cheap to the lowest bidder/sub-contractor and guess what happens? Its evident Toyota caught the American car disease where profit rules over quality and they are now feeling big pain from that decision.

    Could they make FBW more bulletproof with backup systems etc.? Sure, but the same thing can be done with programming/algorithms and no added weight or cost. And for all we know, Ducati has already done so.

    What I really like about this new motor and what has always skewed me away from Ducati in the past is the maintenance interval. I ride every day and 6000 mile valve maintenance was simply too much trouble for me. Getting that up to 15000 is a big deal and should lure in more buyers even with the steep price.

    Hey, you only live once and saving US dollars these days is a joke as it pays a pittance. Buy now as NOTHING is going to be getting cheaper anymore. Certainly not imported stuff for Americans. I think this downturn is the low water mark for bike prices here. From 2011 on, we're going to see big increases IMO.
  5. Yes conventional Bowden type cables can jam due to rust,fraying and wear and tear , and its even happened to me 2 Twice in 35 years , BUT by pulling the clutch and hitting the Kill switch i had control of the bike , somthing you may not have when a computer is in control.

    Ducati service interval have been getting more reasonable m from 6000-7500 in 2006 but 15,000 is pushing the boundaries especially of the rocker arms checking ,and cam belts .

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