The Wallick Lean Machine - a bike with a leaning side car!

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  1. Here's an article on Ghraydon Wallick's leaning side car project.
    Interestingly he lives in Thailand: "In 2006, Ghraydon retired from the National Park Service in San Francisco and moved to Thailand, building a house in the Thai jungle north of Chiang Mai. Always looking for a new project, he decided it was time to focus on his 30 year dream of building the world's first dual leaning sidecar rig."
    What's your take on this invention?
    Check out the full story on the kneeslider:

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  2. Anybody know what became of the 'Lean Machine'?

    Edit - I see he is still going and posting new video's on YouTube

    Decade plus ago saw a Flexi side car rig in action and thought it was a great idea; though not sure about the idea of riding in a leaning sidecar, but would like to try it.
  3. He was at last Years Toy Ride on this. Maybe He will attend again this Sunday the 19th? Be there and find out!

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