The Wheezy Rider Thao

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  1. In Thailand now

    an interesting couple, especially with the experience of flying their bike into Vietnam & expecting to tour around.
  2. A nice plug given to you, Davidfl, in his Vietnam blog entry. :D
  3. Meeting them at the Kafe 9PM tonight Wednesday 15th July.
    Come on by if you like.
    Should be fun.
  4. Met up with Peter & Thao in Mae Sai again.

    actually there was more than one of me..

    An obligatory photo by the Ruak River




    Their Thailand blog

    I met them again on the road, route 1129 Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong, headed for Laos.


    Watch out for them - on their blog & in Chiang Mai - again, as they fell in love with the place.
  5. Super photos & thanks for the invite to MaeSai. A lovely evening. Peter & Thao are real characters. Good to meet up with you & Rhodie again.

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