The WR Lowering kit for Versys has arrived ..... and tested

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Changnoi1, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Changnoi1

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    Last week a friend of mine was so kind to take with him from the USA the "WR Lowering Kit" for the Versys.
    So today I had a chat with the technical-boss of the Kawa-dealer in Pattaya and showed him the part and installation instructions. It took him about 10sec to deceide to try it on their test-versys (only 337km on the odo).

    Well installing took a bit more work as the installation guide tells, not that any of the mechanic has been reading it.
    So first placing the "WR Lowering Kit" and then lowering the front. Took all together about 30min.

    And it lowers the bike substantial! Of course it changes also the suspension-travel. But for me with only 75kg that is not such a problem. And you will need to shorten the kickstand because the bike is now standing almost straight.

    On a standard Versys I can not touch the ground with 2 foots (far from it even), now I can (even with the standard seat on it). OK I can still not touch the ground flat-footed with 2 foots. It actually lowers the bike the same as if you would take off the all seat.

    I am sure that with a lowerd seat I will feel comfortable in riding the bike.
    So I made a short test-drive. It was bloody busy on Suk. But what a great low torch it has! Good riding position, handle-bars OK. Bit heavy gearing.

    Now ordering, delivery at end of January. Colors red or black .... Shall I order?

    Chang Noi
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  3. nikster

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    Well since you already have the lowering kit, and you liked the bike - sure, the Versys is a great bike.

    Some teething problems on my own machine, some things weren't screwed down tightly enough. Exhaust cover plate fell off and is gone, coolant cap wasn't screwed down properly so there was minor leaking there, and I also had some oil come out for similar reasons - nothing about the bike, probably has more to do with the *much* increased traffic at the CM Kawa dealer than anything else. TIT - the mechanics are knowledgeable and very friendly, but attention to detail is.... Thai. :p
  4. Changnoi1

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    Hahaha Thai maintenance service ... a friend of mine almost lost is trust in Kawasaki dealer service when the mechanic overfilled (oil) his Versys.

    At home I have some simple tools that make it possible for me to check all the simple things ... like nuts & bolts. When I bought my second hand Yamaha XT I checked everything myself and had oil and oil-filter renewed, new air-filter and new brake pads front & rear.

    Chang Noi
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    Yes, you always have to double-check everything! Every time I have a flat on my Wave they inflate the tire to 50 PSI, sometimes even more. On the tire it says: maximum pressure 33PSI, but who cares?
    If I can put both feet flat on the ground, the bike is too low for my taste. One on the ground, one on the peg, that'll do.

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