They don't call me "Cheap Charlie" for nothing

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  1. As the girlftiend is currently away visiting the relo's, thought it was about time I got stuck into some outstanding jobs on my bikes.

    First my trusty Honda Wave. I had recently changed the oil, and hadn't replaced the crush washer on the sump plug, and when job done, there has been an anoying small oil drip.

    I went to my local Honda dealer, and I suggested they lay the bike on its side to undo sump plug, so I don't lose all my new oil. "No we can't do that", was the reply, so I thought great, all that new oil gone to waste. But no, they drained the oil into a clean container, replaced the crush washer, put oil back in, and no charge, all for free, I couldn't believe it.

    Next job is finding where the smell of petrol is coming from on the Wave, I took all the fairings off, and noticed the fuel leaking around the carby float bowl. Back again to my (very) friendly Honda dealer, showed him the problem, he took the carby off, and said that they didnt have a new gasket (actually rubber 'O' ring) in stock and is it okay to use gasket glue instead. I was impressed that the mechanic had the courtesy to ask me before just going ahead. Once the carby back on bike I asked how much, and once again no charge. (Can't work out how these guys are going to make any money with Cheap Charlie's like me calling in). I thanked him once again, and went back home to put all the fairings on.

    No, I haven't got plants growing out of my shopping basket.

    Now we move onto my Phantom, since coming back from my 6 month trip to OZ in August, the Phantom has been running really rough, so I stripped down the carby, (used to doing that to my Lambretta's in the U.K.)blew thro' all the jets, and sat all the bits in the sun to dry. Re-assembled it all and took for the Phantom for a ride, it was running a lot better but still not perfect, I sat at the top of my street playing with the tickover, and the bike started revving its tits off, engine screaming, I turned the ignition off, and still screaming, hit the kill switch and still engine screaming, so jammed both brakes on and stalled the engine. Pushed it back down the street into my driveway.

    While the bike is siting there, and me wondering what to do, petrol is pouring out of the carby, all over the driveway, so I quickly turned the fuel off. I pushed the Phantom to the Honda dealer, and he said leave it with him for a few days. Picked it up yeaterday, all running great, he dumped the old fuel, cleaned carby and cost 160 baht. Talk about value for money.


    Will have to get David Unk to give me lessons on
    packing lightly for a trip, all this was just for
    a trip Phuket to Koh Samui, and back, one up!!!!

    Now we move onto the GS1150. it was needing a new battery, I checked out a few places when in Chiang Mai, and rang the dealers in Bangkok, all want 8,000 baht, for the gel batttery. So went to see the BMW dealer in Phuket and he sold me a non gel battery for 3,500 baht, great I thought, what a bargain.

    So Saturday morning I take tank off GS remove battery and realise they have sold me the wrong one, a lot smaller in size, only about 10amps where GS needs 18amps. Quickly shoot back to the dealer Saturdsy midday and shop all locked up, even though sign on door says open Saturday 8.30-5.30 (Apparantly closed for a Buddah holiday)

    So today, Monday, it was back to BM dealer and cough up the extra 4,000+ baht for gel battery. As the saying goes, "If it's too good to be true, it is too good to be true'

    So folks, that's what little johnny has been up to the last week, now have all 3 bikes up and running... but now have to go bangkok in the morning to collect girlfriend, so looking forward to getting some riding in when i return
  2. T.J,

    In the first Phantom pic, you seem to be sporting curly pigtales from beneath the old Chivas cap - say it isn't so!

    Mind you, s'pose they do go with the dashing pink paintjob on the Phantom [;)] (is there something you haven't told us mate?)


  3. Pikey.. real men don't ride pink bikes, the colour is mauve...thank you

    p.s. my wallet hasn't been the same since after having to buy you that beer in the Kafe, at least I have the foto to remember it by
  4. Good looking Phantom TJ. It's a wonder it moves with all that gear.
    On my way back in from Aus last week I bought myself a rear Top Box , the biggest one, and fittted it on. I am going to Lopburi for a month tomorrow so will soon know how it works, looks great but I can't post a photo because my camera fell out of the bottom of my bag while I was lugging all my gear to the Station. Because it is at the back you are free to move about. Cost B3500 + 800 for the frame to fit the Phantom.
    I actually made it out of Oz this time without getting a ticket. It was great to have the Phantom there to hack around on and freed the car up for the wife.
    When I got back here the other Phantom started first hit. Not bad after 3 months idle.
  5. Heck Peter thats nothing, I did one for show a 150 Harley look alike I have had camping gear on it including tent, camp stove one burner, latterns, sleeeping bag, double air mattress, small ice chest, large back pike with clothes and cooking utensils. two poeple up, I do enjoy my coffee in the morning LOL

    Got to jack the rear shocks up a bit and it is a bit squirley, but it can be done.
  6. Hey Ray, don't suppose you have any foto's of loaded bike, gee I don't feel so bad now, only problem with top box, is that it sits way past the centre of back wheel, must be great foe wheelies
  7. No the fear level was to high, hands shaking to much to hold a camera LOL

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