Thinking the unthinkable?????

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by monsterman, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Thinking the unthinkable?????
    Should i sell my Ducatis and and try something else ????? should i dump the wife and try someone different ???????/
    when you prefer to be at work because its more exiting is there something wrong with me ???
    i am not depressed again far from it , actually very calm and happy with life..... weird thing is that this year I have been really busy working and not enjoying time off ,would rather be at work than playing with my bikes or friends and family or anything else , touring adventures etc ???/
    just cut short my recent break to go back to work early cos it seems more interesting and challenging ?

    plus lure of money always seems like as good as ,love ,booze drugs bikes sex??
  2. you sound like a mirror image of me !!!! i often think and act the way you describe. Seems to work for me as i enjoy my life. Your not alone
  3. Wow! reverse mid-life crisis 555! Please, come swap places with me, I'm stuck in Cairo on crap expenses!

    My whole reason for going off to do a 28 day shift (usually on a rig but this time on the beach!) is to be able to get back to enjoy my toys, my missus, my house.......

    However I do so love a "project"....... probably explains why I buy older bikes and spend stupid money changing them!........ buy an empty concrete shell condo, design the interior, build it up, sell it on, repeat......... :smile1:
  4. I hazard a guess - you don't have any kid(s).
  5. Nothing wrong with enjoying work I guess and it wont harm the bank account either but if you have a previous model Multistrada for sale then plse let me know, serious.
    PS: forgot, if you want something new, start riding off road if you are not doing that already.
  6. Jerry ... its that Isaan magic :) :)
  7. I have 3 kids 38,28 and 13 years old
  8. Hmm, I've been asking myself about what direction to take in life but since I have my kid I know what to do. No matter how interesting amy job or hobby is, she comes first and we're having good times together, that's the most important thing to me. She's 13 now, too.

  9. I am turning into an Old Git , thats what i reckon , slowing down a bit
  10. Interesting how people are so different.
    I seem to have reverted to my youth in some ways. Grown the hair for a while, reformed the rock band I used to play in, listen to loud hard rock music (Led Zep 2 at full welly today sounded bloody marvellous..!), chopped off the ends of the silencers on my cafe racer and ride it faster, often without helmet locally, wear scruffy clothes whenever possible and refuse to go shopping!
    Mind you, I have given up the beer and weed....
    Work............. no thanks.
    A wise man told me recently........ when you get past middle age..... the things you like doing... do more of.... the things you don't like doing..... do less of, or not all..
    I'm following his advice and having a ball! :p
  11. That is called mid-life crisis!
    I had 2 already.

    Chang Noi

  12. That is called mid-life crisis!
    I had 2 already.

    Chang Noi

    That means I must be on my 3rd or fourth !!!!!!

    I used to play in bands still love led Zep and hawkwind , gong , the who etc your correct about doing more of what u like and less of what you dont like ,,
  13. Sounds like a great thing, such a mid-life crisis! I wonder why it's even called a crisis?? Do what you want and don't follow what the perceived outside expectations are is something everyone should be doing at all times regardless of age.

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