this is Thai un-reality TV

Oct 17, 2006
Police report Phuket May 6
At 5.40 am a car driven by Police Sgt W.went off road, the man died.

His 4 injured female passengers were loaded on a pickup with a covered bed (private ambulance ?) The pickup with sirens sounding took off to the next hospital.

At the Tesco crossing a Toyota Vios hit the rescue truck in the side slamming it into a traffic light pole.
The force of the impact sheared off the so-called bed, the 4 already injured women plus one rescue worker were thrown from the car.
2 of them died.

Can anyone tell the statistical probability of one the same persons (plural !) being in 2 deadly accidents within one hour ??
Mar 15, 2003
Definately bad luck, but probably not as rare as you may think. Even in Western countries emergency vehicles are all too often involved in accidents. Usually because traffic does not yield (which it never does here) or because of an overzealous or careless emergency vehicle operator.