This made me laugh. Apology to Captain Slash

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  1. What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover ?

    The position of the dirt bag
  2. hehehehehe...

    I have taught my 3 year old the different sound that a Harley, makes and when he hears it to say "mid life crisis"... [:D]
  3. .....and, the HOOVER never needs a repair............
  4. In OZ what has a cattle dog and a Harley have in common ???

    They both spend much of their time riding in the back of ute's
  5. Q;Why is a Harley like a porcupine?
    A; Both have pricks on there back

    Q; Why do Harley owners have tassels on there handlebars and clothing
    A; To be able to tell if they are moving

    Q; What is the difference between an old dog and a Harley
    A;The dog can get in the pickup by itself
  6. Hats off to Harley Davidson
    Who would have ever thought that if you stuck some spark plugs into an air compressor you would make a motor cycle that would guarantee an instant 2'' member extension as soon as you bought one.
    Go figure
  7. At the other end of the scale though.
    Whats the similarity between riding a Vespa and having sex with a big fat woman?

    Thier both fun rides until your mates find out.

    YIPPEE.........This is my 100th post, i now move on to senior member
  8. 95% of Harleys are still on the road
    The rest made it home......
  9. scooter.
  10. Harley riders claim that God rides a Harley , but the bible says Triumph, and anyhow the devil rides a Ducati , red colour offcourse.
  11. God rides a Harley? - Judging from a technology viewpoint, he probably created it on his first weekend!!
    On the next weekend he got better and created the tractor.

    That reminds me of another joke: First God created the Earth; when he thought it to be good, he rested. Then he created Man; when he thought him to be good, he rested. Then he created the Woman - after that neither God nor Man ever rested again!
  12. Willy G Davidson had a converstion with God and said that HDs bikes were more popular then God in the USA , and god replied ''are you sure Willy G'' I think you will find that more men are riding my invention ..... the WOMAN.

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