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Discussion in 'BritBike Triumph Thailand' started by David Learmonth, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Have seen nothing about R.A.T. (Riders assoc. of Triumph) until my wife Fon showed me an article in the "Daily News"
    There is a RAT set up mainly in Bangkok & I'm only the 28th person to sign up.

    website :

    Never heard anything from Triumph or BritBike re. same
  2. I've read that newspaper after Valentine days.

    May be you have to contact with them by yourself , I think

    I have a lot of friend are sing in Local group or other club in the site.

    I always out and in many groups. hehe :p

    Well , I'm member of 4 group around thailand in the internet and sometime to meeting on the road trip.

    Just ask them to ride out in our free day.

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