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  1. MBT

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    Those of you signed up for Thai would have had this message in their inbox but for thos that dont get this....

    Apparentely Felang only use the internet in Thailand to surf, forums (such as this one and Thai Visa) and for pornographic sites. Thai people only use the internet for furthering their education, e commerce, and banking! Well, arent they the saints of this world!

    We felang are now being taxed form 970 baht per month to use the internet and 1490 baht if we do not have a work permit, non immigrant visa or a tabien bahn. Apparentely we are being cut off today at 23;30 tonight (1st April)

    Whats the country coming to. check this out it and weep guys ... pic=113989
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  3. StanGayuski

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    If Thailand had April Fool's day I'd swear it was a joke. I still can't believe this stuff. And for what it's worth I find it's the Thai's who inhabit the porn sites and us farangs who use the Net for banking and information and things like the GT board, et al...
  4. MBT

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    Actually now you come to mention it...Maybe it is an April fools joke as it came from Thai which happens to be mostly English/American. If it is it's a sick joke. Apparentely we get six minutes before we get cut off with out one of those dongles but I am still currently enjoying painful slow as ever connection which is about the norm. I am certainly not going into a 7-11 and asking for "Hardware dongle" for fear of being arrested.

    If it isn't a joke then the guys that brought in this law must be out there somewhere on another planet but they are right on something...I myself came here to Thailand 7 years ago has I had heard that it's a country of fine Morals where every citizen from the Government down to the poor Farmer were all upstanding members of the community witholding strong moral attutudes and always adhering to social laws. However, there are whispers going around that in certain areas segregated in the underworld some of the poorer people (usually girls but not always) sometimes show their cleavage while dancing. But I dont believe it!

    Never would a Thai person look at porno sites! I do know my local friends in the brown uniform paid good money for their internet ready computers to transfer large amounts of cash through their e banking facilities and for trading their stocks and shares and some of them even use it to further their knowledge even after a fantastic government education system.

    If nobody hears from me in 4 days please contact my embassy! it's err.. The Kaziksthani embassy as I am from that country yes I come from Kaziksthan and my name is Borat.
  5. SilverhawkUSA

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    Oh come on you guys!!!!!! This has been posted all over here already and Thai Visa.

    IT'S A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!!!!! GET IT!!!!!!!!!

    Third time I have posted that here today, don't you read the other posts?
  6. StanGayuski

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    Hey Silverhawk you really threw a fright into the expat community on Samui. My Dutch friends were ready to cut their living short in Thailand and return to Holland. Not all farangs know about April Fools Day.

    But I must say the doogle device or whatever gave me suspect. 7-11 Indeed. Clever, did you think of this?
  7. MBT

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    Sorry to make you post something for a 3rd time taking time out of your busy schedule:). My life is pretty laid back and I usually have no idea what date it is to even notice it is April fools. Personally, I do read other posts but not every one. The ones that dont have any interest to me (such as this one to you) I don't bother to answer!
  8. SilverhawkUSA

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    Hey Stan,

    PLEASE, don't give me credit (or blame) for this one! It started this AM on Thai Visa by one of their administrators. I've just spent the day trying to settle some of these guys down.

    Thanks MBT. Your right I spent a lot of time on the internet today. Updating my website. If you want some funny reading Thai Visa has about 20 pages of responses on this one. ... pic=113989

    [:D]Sorry, I see you already have a link. Sometimes I don't read everything either.......
  9. MBT

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    My curiosity is now getting the better of me! What the heck did a Chiang Mai resident do to " throw a fight in the ex pat community in Samui" to want leave Thailand for Holland?

    Any links or info up for grabs here?
  10. Rigger

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  11. MBT

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    Hell thats a bit strong! "When I was asking for links or info" I was really looking for something on the Samui incident! Is Thai Visa (I dare not shorten it to "TV" in the light of your information) As you say "strictly" the case now? Surely not? Does that mean I'm going to get a visit from the Gary Glitter or Village People police soon?

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