Thoed Thai Guest Houses

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  1. Does anyone have recent info on guest houses in Thoed Thai?
    I know david has a favourite one.
    Many thanks guys.
  2. Rim Than Guesthouse, N20.24331° E99.66138°
    Ask for the cottage next to the river.
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  3. Thanks guys. That's excellent. I'm taking a couple of old mates on a GT trip in December so will definitely stay there. One of them I did my first GT bike trip back in '87 (on an MTX125..!). He is possibly terminally ill so I want to make it special for him. I went through Thoed Thai back in 2000 but didn't stay. I think it was still called Hin Taek back then?!
  4. There is only one place even worth looking at in Hin listed above. Not staying their and NOT talking to Khun John is a travesty!
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  5. IMG_20170809_173929. IMG_20170809_112316. IMG_20170809_071105.
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  6. The absolutely outstanding morning market and rides out to Mae Moh and Mae Kham are a must and certainly worthy of a few days. I did prefer Mae Moh as it was more scenic and exploring the trails out into the tea plantations was spectacular. Dont be afraid to get off the main road and onto the smaller dirt tracks and pathways. Some wonderful things to see there.
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  7. IMG_20170810_102539. IMG_20170810_100526. IMG_20170809_113820. IMG_20170809_111152.
  8. In the more remote border areas you may encounter Thai Army Rangers on trail bikes....the guy above was a wildman. Packing a shotgun and plenty of ammo, his job was to ride the border trails and by the looks of him, shoot anything that moved. Great bloke, we had a laugh!
  9. IMG_20170809_122655. IMG_20170809_110633. IMG_20170809_070743. IMG_20170809_070803. IMG_20170809_070825. IMG_20170809_070836.
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  10. Fabulous! Many thanks Big Dave. I can't wait to go to Thoed Thai finally! (I love the spelling on the road sign in your pic!)
    I'll def stay stay at Rim Taan if possible. I found an email address somewhere online, but no reply so maybe it's not current. I guess I'll have to try phoning them from the UK..!
    Can't wait to be back on two wheels in the Kingdom...!
  11. Mate, just roll up. No bookings needed. A must is breakfast in the morning market....the variety of produce and the many different types of people selling them is excellent.
  12. Thanks Big Dave. We'll be arriving late arvo, hence I thought I should try to book ahead.
  13. I just had a terrific conversation with Khun John at the Rim Taan Guest House.
    He sorted out my booking and gave me their email address.
    If anyone needs it it is: [email protected]
  14. Very true Dave :blush:

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  15. He remembered you well Goran. Not many ADV riders coming thru
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