Thor Force Knee Guards Review

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by TonyBKK, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. For offroad I've been super-happy with my Thor FORCE Knee Guards, around 3000 baht at Dirt Shop which is about what you'd pay retail back in the US.

    These have saved my knees more times than I can count.

    Dad tested, kid approved icon_wink.gif

    Thor - Force Knee Guard
    The Force knee guard is the top of the line knee guard from Thor. This is the best knee guard you can buy, before actually purchasing a knee brace. The Force knee guard covers the knee and shin, but it also has a hardened knee cup which is embedded between two side rails that support the sides of your knee. It has the same effect of an actual knee brace. Furthermore, the neoprene material covers the entire Thor Force knee guard making it very comfortable to wear. Take care of your shins and knees to ensure you never miss an opportunity to get on the bike.

    Youtube review (not me ;) )
  2. My Thor Force knee guards have saved me from serious injury more times than I can count but are getting pretty worn out. Basically the elastic in the straps has reached its expiration point, so time to replace them. I got my original pair from Dirtshop in Bangkok at a great price, but last time I was there they were out of stock and sales staff had no clue if/when thy might get more...

    Fortunately Motorcyclesuperstore has them for just 90 bucks and free shipping!

    If you're looking for protection from twists and hyper-extensions of the knees, look no further! Knee braces costs hundreds of dollars and I'm not sure what protection they offer that the Thor Force don't? The Thor Force knee guards are cheap as chips, comfortable and they WORK! :thumbup:

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