Three Days In Khao Sok

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  1. A general holiday riding video I did a few weeks back, featuring the ride up to Khao Sok, to Khao Nanai (Thamma Park on Google, for some reason) and also to Bang Riang on the way back. The focus was on having a holiday rather than making anything informational, so it's just a quick cut-together that I thought was fun - hope you do too. Also some brief Z800 off-roading, if you're into that. Links to photos and routes below:

    Three Days in Khao Sok Flickr Photo Album
    Phuket to Khao Sok Google Maps
    Khao Sok to Thamma Park Google Maps
    Khao Sok to Wat Bang Riang Google Maps

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  2. Great stuff Ashton.
    I just love Khao Sok. Went there so many times and never gets boring.
    Not to mention that beautiful route 401.

  3. It is a lovely road, and the last leg of the 4090 before it joins 401 is full of great curves too.
  4. Good stuff, another sweet tight, fun vdo.
  5. Your video editing alone makes me want to visit this place.;)
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