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  1. Booked my Vstrom 650xt in for the stator recall, this also coinciided with the 6000km service. The facilities and level of customer service was excellent, all staff seemed very happy to be working there. Free wifi and free coffee/water etc. Also I was offered a spur of the moment test ride on the vstrom 1000 albeit it was on their small training track.
    And though the stator recall work is of course free, the bill for the 6000k service also came to a grand total of zero baht. So thumbs up Suzuki World and see you at the 12000 service!
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  2. Did you really say the 6 k service was totally free ? Korat only offering free labour, but charging for oil etc.
    Did you buy your V Strom there or at another dealer ? Seems like some dealers have new stators and others don't , Pattaya dealer says he will only receive 15 replacements and in then only in March.
  3. Yes the 6k service was totally free. They initially said only the oil would be free but I'd need to speak with the cashier desk re the final bill, then when the bike was ready they said they wanted to surprise me by letting me know at the end that the entire works was free, the smiles on their faces as they told me were priceless.
    I bought the bike from Mityon Pattaya but there is no big bike service centre there and they outsource the work to Kawasaki Pattaya, therefore I chose to ring up Suzuki World Rangsit re the stator work and they were more than happy to help. I saw on the board they had another vstrom650 booked in for the same the next day, definitely a thumbs up.
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    There is a Suzuki Big bike dealer on Sukumvit road west towards Bangkok past Mc Donalds up from Pattaya North road. They were the ones that said they are only receiving 15 stators, the shop looked brand new so may be only very recently opened. Do you mind passing on the telephone number of Suzuki World Rangsit, I may need to visit them.
  5. Details sent
  6. Just for info, the stator recall kit has the new stator, a new side cover gasket, oil plug crush washer and 3 liters of oil included. If you time the recall with a service then the oil is free (from the recall). The only visible difference I noticed was a lot more (thicker) varnish (or coating?) on the windings , like 3mm where as the old stator has coated wires only in the winding , no extra coating on the complete coils. Might be other design changes ie, the wire itself, but it was not visible on a quick look. The old stators are sent back to Japan I was told.

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