Thunder-X 250cc

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  1. Have anybody ever heard from Peak-Thailand before?
    They are located in Chiang Mai and anounced a couple of bikes,
    even an 250cc dirtbike on their website, no chance for a plate cause caburated,
    but weird anyway cause only 17HP, thats even less then a KLX :)

  2. All of the Products on Offer are produced in China and if You check out the Prices they are not really that Competitive anymore? I am slowly Phasing out everything I have from China because while they are cheap on the initial Purchase they get You later!!! Poor Quality and Reliability then the unavailability of Spare Parts! I had to Import everything and the Government is getting Tighter all the time and Charging more for Tax/Duty! The Bike shown as a 250cc is actually a 230cc. They are pretty Basic and Crap Quality!I have already replaced all My Bikes with Kawasaki, if You want this Style or kind of Bike try the KLX140 at 73.000 Baht You won't be disappointed, these Bikes are Tough, make good power and the Parts are available immediately and at a Good Cheap Price! I have finally found a Guy here in Thailand who can Make a Decent Buggy so they are the Next thing I am replacing! Daihatshu Car Running gear so reliable and again easy to Buy Parts locally!!! Here is the First one:
    4 Cylinder, 1000cc, Fuel Injected, Twin Cam, Turbo Intercooler. 4 Speed Automatic ( Tourists can't Drive a Manual Gearbox? )

    Next question is have I heard of the Company "The Peak" ??? I know the History of this Company and it's Head who shall remain Nameless in this Post from it's beginnings and This Web Board is not the Place to Talk about it!!! But a Brief Warning: The World is not a Big enough Place to get Far enough away from this Guy!!!They have had more Court Cases than I have had Hot Dinners and I know as I have been one of His Victims and have been Currently going through Court for 3 Years and Counting!!! Not to say Them or the Thai Court System is Corrupt of course? :shock:

    Buy Something Decent from a Reputable Person or Company with a Guarantee! Better to spend a little More and stay Happy!
  3. I thought already the bike would be outa my pricerange anyway,
    just found it kinda interesting cause ive never heard from them before.

    I gonna stick with rentals and my supercup,
    about a week togo then she will be ready again :)

    Is the 140 realy that good? i rode one from a local a while ago,
    it was the 140L and i didn like it, to small, no power, ...

    Maybe it just had the 140L sticker and wasnt maintenanced, and i have
    to say i was on a 250 for a couple of hours already when i met him.

    Thank you for the info anyway,
    i gonna come out and have look at the new buggy soon.
  4. Nice Buggy Ian....If you don't mind me asking. How much are these costing? With manual transmission?

  5. Cost around 250.000 Baht depending on what specs or Extras You choose?

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