Tibet Tour April 2016. Day 11 To Day 14. The Run Home!

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
Tibet Tour, Day 11. 28 April.
From Shaxi to Lincang. We spent the first Hour or two checking out the Beautiful Town of Shaxi before heading off again and so We get varying Roads We took a different Route but unfortunately for Us the Chinese had put a Dam in the River and Flooded the Road We would Normally have been on so the Day was Spent Riding through a Series of Road Construction with Incredible amounts of Dust Smoke and Pollution! While We went through some Fantastic Areas this was the Worst Days Riding for Me but none the Less a Great Experience and once again stayed the Night in another Fantastic Hotel! Ling Tong.

Another Fantastic Hotel!

This is the Mekong River in China! I was Stunned How Clear the Water is but just upsteam was a Huge Dam so I surmised that the Water had settled before they released it but it looked Beautiful!

Tibet Tour Day 12. 29th April.
Now this was a bit of a Fun Day. We traveled down a Fantastic Highway to the City of Jinghong. Albeit We were stuck at an Army Check Point for an Hour or So but that's another Story, No Speeding , Running Checkpoints etc here was there Noah Cnx Ha Ha! Nothing to see here move along! This City has a Strong Thai connection and a lot of the Elite Chinese Thai originally came from this Area! We stayed at another Incredible Hotel, Empark Grand Hotel! And Had a Hell of a Night out Fantastic Evening!!!

This is a Small Truck with an Average Load! Most are Grossly Over Loaded and spilling stuff everywhere as they Go!!! Because of their Weight they carry 50 Gallon Drums of Water and have Hoses Running to Their Brakes to Cool them on Steep Decents! The Problem then being the already Slippery Roads have Damp patches everywhere of Water Mixed with Mud and Brake Dust! Needless to Say lots of Accidents and Dangerous Corners !!!

Another River showing it's Old Water Level Mark after Being Dammed upstream!!!

Tibet Tour Day 13. April 30th.
Today was going to be a Massive One! We got up to a Dull Cold Drizzling morning! Early Breakfast then on the Road early to head to the Chinese Boarder with Laos! It took about 3 Hours to get there. When the Road wasn't Wet it was Dusty Polluted and Full of Construction and Trucks! The Process to check back into Laos was Handled Perfectly by Khun Kay, Noah Cnx and Our Chinese Guide so a much more Pleasant experience than when We came in! Plus the Weather was cooler which Helped! Once Cleared The Tour Group headed off to Nong Khiew in Laos but as I have been through Laos on a number of occasions I bid My Farewells and Headed Straight back through Laos to the 4th Friendship Bridge at Chiang Kong to cross back into Thailand! I left at 12.30 and Rode non stop arriving at the Bridge at 3.30. It was a Saturday and so Quiet. Only a Few Thai Trucks and a Group of Chinese in 6 New Cadillac's so to My Surprise I had Cleared both Sides Immigration and Customs and was offically on Home Soil, Beautiful Thailand! So Off I set to get to Chiang Rai to meet up with the Guys! What a Fantastic Run after the rest of the Trip Thailand Roads were Amazing, Great Surface, Fast. Little Traffic and Driving courteously Ha Ha! So after an Epic Ride through Three Countries and all their Boarder Controls I was in Chiang Rai having a Beer at 5:30pm. And What a Night We had! Fantastic! Thanks to the Guys who came and Meet Me there! Epic!

Job Done. Everything Completed at the Friendship Bridge and Off into Thailand! Back in the Heat again.

5:30pm and I am in Chiang Rai having My First Beer! Yehaa What a Journey!!!

Mighty Tiger is looking a Bit Dirty!

After a Shower and Scrub Up it was Time for a Big Night out! Thanks to all the Guys who made it up to Meet Me! Another Legends Night! Cheers!!!

Tibet Tour Day 14. May 1st!
Up in the Morning and Headed Home! All went Well and So ends the Story! I just want to give a Special Thanks to Khun Kay and Noah for giving all of Us such a Fantastic Trip. And a Huge thanks to Russ McDermid! What a Legend and the Ultimate Riding Buddy, Cool, Calm and Unflappable! It was a Pleasure Guys.
So for the Finish I would like to Share some Photos that some of the Guys took and some Great ones that Noah took! Noah was forever in support and Taking Photos of the Group! Well Done Mate! Till the Next Trip! Happy Travels!

This was one of My Favorites! The Mighty Tiger with Spectacular Views on Incredible Roads! Rugged and Remote!!!


Triumph TLC. Stage 1. After an Epic Ride to Tibet time to give back some Love to the Forever Reliable and Faithful Triumph Tiger! It took a Beating so First Full Wash and Detail by the Best in Town, Ceramic Pro near Airport Plaza. Thanks Guys!


Followed by Triumph TLC Stage 2. Full Service by Britbike Chiangmai. May take a while as Triumph are so popular now they are selling like Hot Cakes !

And So Ends a Massive Adventure. Hope You all enjoyed the Photos! I can only say if anyone has the Time, Chance and Money to do it, Go for it! A Once in a Life Time Trip. Contact Kay & Noah at www.bigbiketours.net


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
How did the border crossings go on the way out?
It looks like you did 3 in a day coming home to Thailand then.
I'm especially interested how you went coming out of Laos across the bridge
Did you need the immigration escort car. If yes how much was it? Last time it cost me 150 baht on the Lao side, but the Thais are still touching you up for 500 baht on the Chiang Khong side when you leave Thailand.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
Very Easy Boarder Crossings. It was a Saturday so not sure if that helped but Only a few Thai Trucks and about 6 Chinese Cadillac's on a Tour. Very Quiet and Easy. Our Chinese Guide did everything on the China Side. Had a Laos Guy do the in on the Laos side then the out of Laos at the 4th Friendship Bridge was very easy. Got the Escort across the Bridge all very Nice and Friendly. On the Thai side was Fantastic, so Helpful and Friendly both Immigration and Customs. Everything was so fast next thing I was finished and sitting there Amazed at Myself Ha Ha! So off to Chiang Rai for a Beer!!! Easiest and Most Pleasant Border Crossings I have ever done!