Tibet Tour April 2016. Part One. Day 1 To Day 5.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
Well as I am Back from My Trip to Tibet I just saw David had Posted a few Photos so thanks for that! I started to Reply on that Thread but thought I had better make a bit of an Effort to share some Photos and Details of everything! So here Goes, The first few days are a repeat of My replies to Davids thread but the Rest will be New!!
Day One. April 18.
Meet up at the Xcentre Chiangmai Thailand with Russ McDermid who was going on the Trip with Me and Rob Gray who accompanied Us for the first Night. Easy Ride to Chiang Rai. Once up there Colin Panton also Joined. We all had a Great Night out!

Note How Clean the Mighty Triumph is!!!

Tibet Tour Day Two 19th April.
Up Early and off to the Chiang Kong Friendship Bridge to Meet the Rest of the Tour Group, then cross into Laos. I have never seen so many Trucks Lined up! Not sure what they were Carrying but it was one way all going to Laos or China? We were there 10.30 and meet the others 11. went pretty smoothly Khun Kay and Noah Cnx had everything well Organised so the entire Experience was pleasant. Across the Bridge for Lunch then off to Luang Namtha for the evening!

The Mekong from the Bridge! Note the Smoke in the Air! It was Bloody Hot also 42 Degrees!!!

Safe in Luang Namtha for the Evening!

Tibet Tour Day 3, 20 April.
Up at 6.30am and on the Road to the Chinese Border at Boten. This took some time to get through as there was a Huge amount of Trucks crossing through also. Here We meet up with Our Chinese Guide who helped Us through everything! Then off We went to Mengla where We Checked into Our Hotel "King Land" Very Nice. Then off to get Out Temorary Drivers Licenses and Registration for Ourselves and Bikes. This was a bit of a Comedy Process but all got completed in the end and back to the Hotel for Dinner and Beers!
An Early Start from Luang Namtha!

Khun Kay, The Man of the Moment! King of Tour Leaders!

The Only Lady on Our Tour Monica! Well done to Her! And of Course Noah always there if You needed anything!

Boten Boarder Crossing!

At Our Hotel for the first Night in China!

My Chinese Temporary Driving Permit.

My Chinese Bike Registration.

Tibet Tour Day 4. April 21.
China is one Hour ahead so We were up at 6am but felt like 5am Ha Ha! A Cold Start leaving but a Hot afternoon. Arrived in Shuanglang and Stayed at the Jin Qiao Hotel. A Special Note here on the Hotels. We seemed to have Top Notch Hotels the entire Trip apart from One Night so Credit to Khun Kay on that . Very Impressive!

There were Dozens and Dozens of Tunnels We went through! Some as long as 5 kms!!!

The Mighty Russ! This Guy is a Legend in the Biking Community and the Best Riding Buddy You could Wish for! Unflappable!!!

The Photo isn't that good as I only had My Phone and the Zoom isn't that Great but that is a Bike in the River. Someones Ride has reached a Watery End!!!

Most Beer in China is only around 3 % "2-Stroke but this one was around 4.5 %. Not a Bad Drop actually!

Tibet Tour Day 5. April 22.
Up early and on the Road again. Off to Dali today. A bit Wet today and the Temperature continues to Drop and this Fact is made all the more Dramatic by the Fact it was 42 Degrees when We left Thailand so feels very Cold!!! Staying at the Landscape Hotel. Big Night again slept around 12! We are seeing a Pattern with this! Late Nights and Early Starts Ha Ha! Spectacular Scenery!

This Toyota Tundra was a Beast! No Chance of Buying one in Thailand!

A Stonking Great 5.7 Litre V8! Love it!

Air Dried Pork anyone? It actually Tasted like it had been Smoked?

Tunnel Selfie Ha Ha!

Spectacular Views like this were Common Place! Just Amazing!!!

The Mighty Triumph Tiger 1050 was Supreme!!! Not really designed for this being a Sports Tourer but did the Entire Trip Faultlessly! Love it!!!

With My New Samsung Galaxy S7 I was getting pretty Good with the Selfies Ha Ha!

The View from the Bridge!

Chinese Tiger Ha Ha!

Our Fearless Security Guards!

To be Continued in Part Two, Shangrila and Tibet!
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Jan 7, 2010
I've been hangin' out for an adventure ride report......... you're the man, you've made my day!


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Great stuff...... interesting indeed. Yep, you're getting good at selfies...... hahahaha...