Tiger Bikes 2012 News

Nov 7, 2007
Here some new Tiger Bikes for 2012:

this info from Khun Pariya

Tiger will launch new models at Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2012, from 1st to 5th Feb. The new three models are
1) Retro Sport 110 Type B; this is a minor change on the original Retro sport. Engine specs is the same (only auto clutch available, but the appearance is changed (similar to Honda Benly), will come in three color ie. Silver/Red, Grey/Black and all white (only white color has a brown seat, the other two are black)
2) Street Bomber 150 (formerly Boomer 150); A joint product between us and Road Bomber (Japanese Custom specialist), It used 150 CVT engine similar to the G-max, outlook similar to Honda Ruckus modifed version with Longer wheel base and wider rear tired. The Exhaust will be PDK, the tri-oval one similar to our Rocket Boy model. Color available are white, black.
3) F4 150; We are bringing back the F4 design after it first launched 10 years ago. It will be very similar to the orginal F4 ie. No fuel gauge (only reserved tank), round headlight, Plastic fuel cap, Front dis, rear drum. The color theme will be all Matte i.e. Matte Orange/Black, Red/Black, and others (not concluded yet)

Btw, the photos are not the final product yet, some details may be different. F4 image are not available yet.

Also, we will join together with our two new partners which are Royal Enfield and LML Stella.

Pics of the Retro Sport and the Street Bomber 150 .

And to answer the question...yes a F4-235 will also made available later...

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