Tiger Boxer 200 Engine Specification

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  1. noumanarshad

    noumanarshad New Member

    This is Nouman from Pakistan.Traveling and bike modifications are my hobbies .
    i need some help related to Tiger boxer's engine.
    I am attaching the images of 2 engines which were removed from tiger boxer 200 thai police bikes.I found these engines from scrapyards.
    Although these engines are 200cc but there is a little shape difference from clutch box side.
    Please help me what are the specifications of these engines and difference between both of them.
    Waiting for your replies.

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  3. noumanarshad

    noumanarshad New Member

    i suppose one engine is from Tiger boxer 200PX and the other one is from Tiger boxer ST200.
    Please help me with their engine specifications.
    And which one is better in terms of performance.
  4. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    I wouldn't think that TIGER chose to build 2 radically different 200 cc single engines ;)

    The other day, I saw an old HONDA with a LIFAN engine, bought new for "6,000 THB".

    Hope you will get the engine to work and that it will fit. Performance? You might want to look at other bikes out there if that's what you are seeking ;)

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