Tiger Boxer 250RS for Sale

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  1. Hi all,

    I am very happy with the bike and quite sad to let it go but I will be moving out of thailand soon so I am selling the bike.

    Details about the bike:
    1. Delivered in March 2010.
    1. Well maintained with green book.
    2. Single owner driven. I just drive it to work and back, drove it to Chonburi once!
    3. ONLY 3000KM CLOCKED. (actually is at 2900KM at the moment but I assume it will take some time to find a buyer)
    4. Custome made seat.
    5. Koso side view mirrors.
    7. Another 2 years or 27,000kms left under the warranty. Tiger service is brilliant, they are very helpful and always available if you have a problem.

    PRICE: THB57,000

    There are a couple of other smalls mods as well like the handle bar itself and the grips!

    Contact me : Mr. Sparsh - 0818709302 or [email protected]

    I am based in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  2. Hi could you tell me if boxer still for sale thanks.#

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