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Discussion in 'Tiger / Sachs Motorcycles in Thailand' started by mbox999, May 19, 2011.

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    the Tiger Gmax 150 is not a newly introduced Auto-Scooter, but it was not available for a while. It is available now again and having tested one yesterday i was quite impressed how powerful and comfy this scooter is.

    The new & discounted online Price is 64500 thb : http://www.tigersachsclub.com/tproducts.html
    And there are reconditioned untis also available for 50000 thb : http://www.tigersachsclub.com/usedbikes.html

    New Gmax has 3yrs & 30000km warranty , reconditioned ones have 18month or 15000km warranty.


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    As the post's subject says ...i am about to receive a new Gmax 150 . Should receive it in the next few days . Having tested it before it was a positive surprise of the pull from the Bike as well as comfort and storage ....i will have a Givi topbox additionally as well as windshield and a Tsukigi Racing exhaust on it.... color will be Silver.

    Looking forward for my new Auto - Scooter .... i think this is the first Auto-scooter that i am getting for myself :D

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    got the first picture of my Gmax 150 from Factory...supposed to be getting it tomorrow or before weekend


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    Looks Great. Not a cheap Price really compared to the others, thats not far from a PCX Price? I will be interested to hear a Full report of How it goes once you have had it for a while? Top Speed etc? Good Luck and enjoy!
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    Hi Ian, one of our Forum members wrote an very interesting Article about his gmax here: http://tigersachsclub.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=654#p7776
    (you'll need to register to read it - it's free to register) .

    It is not cheap compared to Honda , Yamaha , Suzuki scooter ...but i did have tried a fair amount of scooters and the Gmax was a big surprise to me when i rode it ....really nice and comfy - and a nice pull too.

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    I had some first km's on my new Gmax. It really is a comfy "Maxi"-Scooter. Good handling and surprisingly well in the curves . The suspension is very nice . My Windshield does well to deflect the wind. The exhaust gives a nice sound - actually it is on the loud side but i wanted the tsukigi which i think may give the Bike a better performance compared to the stock exhaust.

    So far i am taking it easy on it and have a feeling that my gmax will likely go over 100kph ...at least indicated ( i also have a feeling that my speedo is showing more than actual- will crosscheck to gps later)

    It is actually surprising how well it takes bumps on the road...i was also doing some light gravel/sand road and it is very easy to control & handle. I was also accessing Nakwan "Beach" with it but with Beach-Sand it is impossible to move much.

    The Brakes are very good too and i found them easy to dose .
    So far i didn't find any reason to complain , even the assembling seem to have been done "right" . The mounting of tsukigi ,windshield and top-box is custom made at Tiger's factory and look alright .

    Here some pics made this morning.


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