Tiger Retro 110C- my first impressions.

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  1. Hi there,

    I thought it was time to give a first impression over the Tiger Retro 110C . I had done about 500 km on 2 different ones and therefor i can't really tell you how the bike will be over longer period of time/distance.This just a first impression.

    First, when you look at the Retro it looks almost precisely as the Honda cub's ...and me as 90kg person is certainly not the load for the bike was made for. So anyways i got onto it touched the e-starter and it ran right away. In the mornings you will want to use the choke , specially if you use gasohol( retro 110C runs on benzene 91- gasohol 91,95 & E20) . Driving off was a pleasure as it gives a nice torquey move , the retro comes with 4 gear autoclutch which works as we know it from other autoclutch bikes.

    The driving over longer roads is quite nice and you can hear the "put put" sound that you may have heard from the Honda cubs before...
    To be honest i was having a strange feeling over the frontbrakes & "antidive" but it is becoming actually real fun to use the frontbrake. The front lifts upwards when you brake...not the Bmw-concept of an "anti dive" but it is some older idea . In any case both front and rearbrakes ( both drum) are working just fine .

    Stock Tires on the Retro are excellent ...Michelin Tires! What a great grip! Driving the Retro through town is easy and doing the downtown slalom through traffic-congestions is a breeze. The Horn on the Retro sounds like a big bikes horn ...quite surprised when i used it the first time.All other functions like indicators and light/beam are working fine and easy to use.

    The retro is an economical Bike and it's tank can take only about 3ltr. which may be a little small, but i never faced any issues over it. On the Speedo you also have a fuelgauge so you be warned in any case of your fuel situation.
    I drove the Retro up some smaller hills and didn't see any problems for the climb. The Max speed what i done on the retro was 80km/h . It is clearly not a bike made for speeds but for a nice little bike around town and a bit further.

    In regards of the quality of the bike, it looks really good and the components used seem to have decent & reliable quality too, this i can say over the shortish distance/time i have done so far.

    The plastics on it are very good too, this needs to be pointed out as in the older (& discontinued) tiger models this may have been lacking.
    The bike comes in a variety of colors: Orange Copper/white , blue/white , yellow/white , red/black , red/white. Cost of the Retro is: 29800 THB

    Accessories are Windshield, basket, lamp mount , 4 extra lamps, color matching helmet, 72 spokes rim all very reasonable priced.
    Guarantee is 3 yrs or 30000 km which is great and service on tiger has been proven to me many times that they are going above and beyond clients expectations.

    The Tiger Retro can also be bought with sidecar ( there is about 4 weeks delivery time) total for 49300 THB

    To buy it online check here: http://tigersachsclub.com/tigersachsshop.html

    hope to see you on some retro soon- a fun to drive "classic bike"


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  2. They sure are good looking!

    How will the service be done? Is there an authorised garage near Nakhon ...?
    You will soon have to change the oil & filter...

  3. Hi Chris,

    There are two actually( they are also dealers for other brands but do in fact service tiger bikes as well)...besides i don't think you void your 3yr or 30000km guarantee if you visit another service center. Tiger is fairly relaxed over this but a short email/phonecall to khun pariya with your location and he will tell you the nearest garage to sort you out.


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