Tiger Retro 110C with sidecar...

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  1. Hi,
    This is the Tiger Retro 110C with a sidecar mounted. It is so far just a prototype but could soon be available to everyone. I find it looks quite nice...although the 110cc engine maybe just too weak to carry big westerners on this including the sidecar. Maybe they can get something with their 250cc Boxer engine equipped?

    (no field to attach pics???)
  2. here the pics now.

  3. Man

    That look's awsome, nice job.

    Is it come with Pink colour? i think Mrs. Dougal Sr. would like to have one,, so (S)He can ride major share holder around with it.

    just out of curiousity,, what will be the price tag?
  4. Hi Marco,

    I saw it "live" @ Tiger's factory a few days back - it looks great( i'd say better than the photo) and my wife too got big eyes for that...the sidecar was copied from an old bmw sidecar btw.
    Tiger does have extra colors offered but honestly it will take just a little longer until they are ready to deliver this...my wild guess is 1-2 month . Price? I won't tell as yet as they still need to work out how the final thing is equipped with ...but from the nr's i heard it will be really really affordable..
    will keep you posted as things progress....
    now we just need to convince tiger to make something like a BMW r26/r27 to hook it up with that sidecar
  5. Hi there,

    The Tiger Retro with sidecar is finally available & can be ordered now(delivery time is 3 weeks)..the price is 49300 thb there are also some accessories for the retro 110 C available , more is still come , will keep you posted. Have a first look or order here: http://www.tigersachsclub.com/tproducts.html
    happy trails,


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