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  1. Just got the X-Road 250 delivered to my house.
    Had her out for a little ride up and down to the petrol station and it is a really nice ride.
    Last wednesday at the factory testride the bike was not giving full power in higher rpm's but this is gone now, the engine is responding great on the throttle and picks up at every rpm good now.
    It feels now that there is at least 20 hp coming out of the little engine.
    Will take the bike out now for a bit longer ride......

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  2. Congrats Alex ! Glad you got her now and very happy to have adequate horses too .
    Very happy things worked out for....."the first Tiger X-road 250 Owner in Thailand" :)

  3. Colin yes, it is a Tiger X-road ...umm do you look sometimes around the web besides our beloved gt-rider forum ? like tigersachsclub.com ? I try to keep things updated here too but my main is my own website. Here is what i am referring to.


    feel free to look around the site and forum too ...lot of info there.

  4. The bike looks fantastic, Tiger have done a bloody good job on presentation. My question is " Do they have plans to make and sell a 350 to 450cc model with a similar design I am sure it would be a successful selling bike. " Especially for bigger riders like me.

    Alex what's the story with the purchaser organising the registration of bike normally the bike company provides this customer service ? and was there any problems registering bike with a carby ?

    Thanks Ken F
  5. Hi Ken,

    There are no plans to sell a larger cc x-road in similar design.

    All direct from Factory sold Tiger Bikes are coming with relevant papers(from manufacturers side) for the buyer to Register. You have it confused normally the dealer provides registration....any bike leaving Honda, suzuki, yamaha factories are actually not registered ( but come with the same relevant paperwork as Tiger will send)- if they would be registered than the buyer would be not the first owner. It is the dealer who register the bike for the new owner (or the buyer does himself) , not the manufacturer.

    I also explained it on the website about the registration.

    However, Tiger Motors agreed to register all x-roads through their Agent. Usually takes 3-4 weeks and Alex should be getting his in the next 2 weeks i'd say.

    Also ,as per Tiger Motors, all Motorbikes sold from Tiger Motors are legal & can be registered.

    And an update: www.tigersachsclub.com has been redesigned and a new domain given it is now Miguel's Nong Hoi .
    Tigersachsclub.com still remains as Forum domain and likely more.

    happy trails,

  6. Colin, i can tell you that online 5 x-roads were sold in the last month , some are due to deliver , but as i am not the only one selling them i can't tell you the actual nrs. so far we got Alex's feedback ( he was the first x-road owner in Thailand) and expect more within this month...end of this month i also get my x-road so i will have time to test mine too.
    I am sure you will get your feedbacks just give it a bit time:)

    Oh and to answer your question from the other x-road thread. The X-road can be sold by Tiger appointed dealers . Unfortunately , Chiang Mai has only a Tiger Service Center ( which received pretty good feedbacks) but they are not a dealership and thus not selling any Bikes , only servicing Tiger( and other brands of ) Bikes. Chiang Mai used to have a dealership, but due to ongoing issues with this dealership it no longer is.

    hope this helps,

  7. It would help sales immensely if the bike can be seen - who would order it unseen? I want to sit on it and feel it first, if possible do a short test ride. Especially because it's not a Japanese made bike; I'd buy a Honda over the phone but not a Thai brand.
    You wrote about minor problems upon delivery that had to be sorted out. I wonder of what nature they were.
    As far as I could get information on Tiger Dealerships there are only two in Bangkok.
    There are bigger bike dealers who also sell 110cc Tigers; it would be a good idea to send some of them a test model.
    For now I'd wait and see how they are holding up. But soon there will be used D-Trackers for sale for 100,000 baht.
  8. well , 5 did order the x-road unseen :) - besides 1,5 years ago we made a factory Tour (also advertised here) and people could testride a prototype x-road 250 ( which was improved since then but it gave a good impression) .... minor issue was a loose left side handlebar weight and a some better vibration absorbing mount of the exhaust . Also a better tuning of carb (running rich).

    I don't think you will see testmodels around on dealerships...Tiger is a small Company and they household on a Budget ...we need to be aware that they only fill in niche markets. With their models it sure makes them pretty special.
    We also mustn't forget that bigger Bikes do not make the main-revenue of most Bike Manufacturers here ( maybe with the exception of Kawasaki) you can guess why honda, suzuki , yamaha are focussing on small cc bikes & scooters...Tiger does the same but with quite different designs on their Bikes.

    If you want to buy a second hand d-tracker for 100000 thb without warranty left or a new X-road 250 with a 3yrs 30000 km warranty that is really up to your own choice i know i am going for the x-road .....its a lot more comfy than the d-tracker thats for sure - not to mention the beautiful design.

  9. Just an update on the X-road, it is back at the factory and Tiger is the owner of the bike again.
    To many issues with the bike and decided that it was the best if Tiger would take the bike back.
    Learned a good lesson, never buy a new model bike without a good testride again.
  10. Having ridden a few times more than 110km the horizontal rail i have not felt at all. I will do some longer rides soon as my greenbook and plates are en-route - i really didn't want to leave province which somewhat has it's limitation .

    But i managed to do 750km on my X-road to-date which went fine and troublefree. Hope it stays that way ...

  11. Thanks for the introduction and first impression of the X-road!
    Can't help but notice that it has gotten quiet on this thread - are you occupied otherwise or are the bikes falling apart? Just kidding!
    How about an update, you should have passed the 10,000 km mark by now...?
  12. Reinhard, were you able to squeeze out a little more mmmmmph of that astmathic engine ?? Tony told me you couldn't get any higher speed than 110-120, for this a Wave 125 or Nuovo would be sufficient...5555555, kidding, need any help just call me, of course after you have cleaned up the fluid mess around your place. Still flooded ?? Rgds, Franz
  13. Hi KZ & Franz, my x-road has 4200km on the clock during the last 4 month having to add that i did not ride as much as i wanted ( too much rain and started to make cheese http://tigersachsclub.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=674 ). Anyways the bike runs fine but ain't a fast one...it is true 110kph topspeed, if all perfect maybe 120kph (gps) is what the 230cc engine would deliver .
    I think it is good to ride about 300km/day on it but for longer rides i would want to have more umpf .

    Other then that there are not much to say ....i am glad to have it now, living on an island where we surrounded with water ( floods) ....but even the water rose to levels where i couldn't use the x-road anymore so Kubota or Yanmar is the answer :)



    here the thread about Nakwan flooding... http://tigersachsclub.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=721

  14. Reinhard, better get yourself a dinghy 55555.
    Obviously your 'officials' are more effective than in other parts of the country or is it like this: 'lots of practice is also good training'....?
    As for the engine, try to open the airbox, google for a 'near fit' K&N, take out the baffle plate of the exhaust and fit a bigger carb & intake scoop.
    Enjoy, rgds, franz
  15. we already bought a dinghy :) ... it is true our officials doing very well and it seems the situation became better in quite a few areas already.
    Thanks for the info about the tune-up ..... will look into it.

  16. A high top speed is not the priority on these kind of bikes, but it should go 120. Even a CBR150R is faster, but therefore it's a CBR, not an 'X-something'.
    Removing the mentioned plumbing would be the first step, that should give it more rideability without putting any kind of stress on the engine.
    Good to know that it's holding up and running!
    The photo reminded me of my XT400 that died on me in water that high, had to push it out. Wonder why it couldn't handle it, the intake and exhaust were nowhere near the water level.
  17. You are right KZ, generally i am not unhappy with the current topspeed....but it is kinda slow in acceleration over 100kph ... it gets a bit boring on longer rides & straight stretches on the low speed but straight stretches are boring anyways except perhaps you're on some KTM RC8 . I am using my x-road in short maybe midrange riding which is very suitable for it ....
    But when time allows and i feel like doing some changing i will try the suggested ....
    I think the topspeed of the x-road can maybe compared to the KLX? No idea how fast the KLX goes but i would think about the same?
  18. I shouldn't have compared it to the CBR150R which is a DOHC watercooled engine with 4 valves; it's just interesting that a 150cc bike tuned for power at high revs can outrun a bigger bike tuned for midrange and geared for the city, not the hiway.
    A better motor to compare the X-Road to would be the 200cc Phantom's mill - it's also a SOHC air-cooled 2-valver, has astonishing low- and midrange punch and runs an indicated 135 km/h top speed. That with only 199cc!
    The X-Road should be much more rideable without the pumps and hoses that suffocate it! My XR650L felt like a different bike after getting rid of the unnecessary plumbing.
  19. Yeah you are right the 230cc should give more , having ridden phantom before ( not for long though- had one for about 3 month) i am pretty sure i would see a phantom 200 in the rear view mirror until about 100kph. The speeds that i mention are GPS not indicated...indicated the x-road does about 128-130 kph ( if conditions are prefect)....to be honest i do not need much more power or speed for the short mid range riding here ....specially with the washed out roads now. And i am lazy to do any work on it also (or lazy to explain it to someone here in Thai) :)
    Would the x-road go faster and give more power if i played around? I am sure .... will i try it....maybe


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