Tips for accommodation in Chiang Saen?

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  1. Hi all,

    Am planning a road trip for a couple of nights next week from CNX with the first night planned for a stop on the Mekong, either Chiang Saen or Chiang Khong. Does anyone have any tips for reasonably priced (~500B) accommodation in Chiang Saen.

    BTW, anyone is welcome to join and so far we have Ian Bungy (1050 Tiger), Siinthai (XR400 motard), Bulldust Bob (TDM850), probably Sean of the Dead (1200 Sporty) and me (Bonnie). Plan is to leave the X-Centre wednesday morning up the 107 to the GT via Fang/Tha Ton then run down to Pua on day 2 and on the 3rd day back to CNX via Nan/Phayao/Mae Khachan.


  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for the info but with room rates starting at 1950/night, I doubt with even our superb bargaining skills we'd get anywhere near the 500/night we are looking for. We're just going to wing it and pick something up when we get there wednesday night.


  3. Thanks David and apologies for not replying to your post. The joint you suggested could be a goer - does it have capacity for 6 - 8 road-grimed guys? Talking with David Llearmonth, it seems there are a lot of small resorts in and around CS. We don't mind being captive to a resort as it will be similar to our Soppong trip where we just sit around, drink beer and have a bit of a bullsh*t! ;)


  4. Pikey
    Stay "downtown" at the Sanboonmar, eat at the Krua Chiang Saen & drink by the Khong!
    Staying out by the lake is for impressing the girlfriend, but if you're on a trip with the boys its "Chiang Saen city." There's no question about it.
  5. Pikey's gents 'n beer drinkers,

    Just a reminder for this coming week:

    Asalha Bhucha Day - Thursday July 13 (public holiday)
    Khao Phansa Day - Friday July 14

    Thursday should be an alcohol free day I think, or at the least bars & entertainment establishments should be closed.
    So if you're looking for a night out drinking with the boys, plan carefully.

    Traffic on the road should be busy this coming weekend, with people taking Friday off as well to get a 4-day break.
  6. Well I'm back from Bkk (& the printers), plus a 2N3D trip to Chiang Khong & Mae Sai.
    Did anything happen with you guys - & how was Chiang Saen?
  7. Hi David et all,

    Yes, the trip was pretty much a success and we came back with the same amount of guys/bikes as we started with - no dramas on either the roads or in the evenings but you'll have to wait until next week for a trip report from me as I am in my house with my GSM dial-up right now but back in the shop with the luxury of ADSL next week.



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