Tips for first time in N.Thai are welcome

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  1. Hi , I saw your web site and found it very useful ...thanks

    So we are a couple age of 25 first time in Thailand and we want to rent a bike and tour a few days around

    Can you please advise me where and what to rent what to see , we have 5 or 6 days there

    I own a Suzuki Bandit 400 and had before a Suzuki GS500 , I ride for over 6 years but don't have experience on dirt roads .

    Every help and tips would be welcome

    Thanks in advance
  2. I have written a long report for David Unkovich which I still haven't finished. Read what I have done on my own & you will enjoy every moment day passing. ... hichpage=1

    My best advice is to rent from Joe's Goodwill Bike Team. 26/1 Soi 2 Chang Moi Rd. Tele: 053.251.186. E-mail: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] You won't go wrong with these guys. The best reliable men.

    Buy David's Unkovich MAE HONG SON LOOP GUIDE MAP, excellent map. Also buy David's book "A Motorcycle Guide to The Golden Triangle" It is a great handbook for any independent motorcyclist-cum-traveller.

    The addition of route details, travel times required levels of expertise and sight-seeing highlights. It a must for all two-wheeled adventurers."

    You can buy all these less expensive when you arrive in CM at a local book store. Also by the map the "North Thailand". Very good also.

    It is all I needed riding solo in No. Thailand. E-mail David, to meet up with him if he is available. He's the nicest guy. So don't be cheap for finding out details for free. Bring your maps/book & buy him a meal & a couple drinks. He'll be more than helpful as long as you keep his board updated to your experience riding in Thailand.

    Best regards, ~Jade
  3. Thanks alot

    Can you give me advice what to visit because I have only 5 or 6 days
  4. 1. Will you be NO. Thai by Chiang Mai?
    2. What do you want to see? (i.e., Wats, roads, waterfalls, caves, Long Necks, Hill Tribes, etc. there is so much!!)
    3. What places are best to stay?

    I could go on but I need for you to be more specific.

    Regards, ~Jade
  5. Yes in Chiang Mai and we want to see waterfalls caves and hill tribes and maybe monks
    Can you recomend what bike to rent ?
  6. Thanks , I've already printed everything from this site its been very helpful thanks a lot

    What bike would you recomend to hire and where ?

    Thanks again , Shmupi
  7. shmupi
    For a bike read this one ... hichpage=1

    Keep the power on
  8. Thanks David , were getting there on tuesday and hope to have fun

    Thank you all for the help

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