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    Souansavan. 132 Ban That Luang. Boun Khong road. (This is the lane that runs alongside the Souvannphum hotel.) Tel 856 - 71 - 213020. Rooms cost US$8-12-20. The US$12 rooms are excellent value for money. The ghouse also has a huge parking lot. Staff are typically Lao super-friendly. Look out for the maids / gardeners, cutting the lawn with normal scissors!
    Its a scream & worth a photo or two. The only drawback at the g/h is that they close the gate at midnight, but I did not find this a problem in LP.

    1. Indochina Spirit.
    2. Scandanavian Bakery for brekky & Thai newspapers & CNN / BBC TV.
    3. Soudaphone Restaurant riveside by the Mekong for cheap beer, excellent Lao / Thai food at dusk / early evening. For really great food, try the larb-gai, spring rolls & fried fish with garlic. "Awesomely tasty" in the extreme, especially when washed down with a few bots of ice cold beer Lao.

    P&T Internet & Email. Straight opposite the Scan bakery had the fastest internet connection in town while I was there (a week.)

    Glen Turner pure malt scotch, only 500 baht a 1-litre bottle at the liquor shop, 100 metres from the Indochina Spirit. This is incredibly good value for money. In Vte the same stuff costs 600 baht a bot.

    SHELL GAS station, west of the Phousi Hotel, has the best car / bike wash in town. It only takes 4 guys 15-20 mins to wash / clean your bike. (Just make sure they turn the pressure down & don't get to close to the bike with the nozzle to blow out seals & bearings.)

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  2. Hey David - any first hand report on the new disco in LP?

  3. Bob
    I did not get out and about in LP - too tired after full day's in the saddle chugging along at 20 kph escorting cyclists.
    In the main tourist strip the best bar was French Bastian's Ole Ole Snack Bar & Restaurant. He's got a nice set up with half-decent music & satellite TV for news & sporting events.
    Later at night the place to go was the new Hive Bar, down by the Nam Khan river.
    The local disco entertainment is now all "out of town" on the main road. Supposedly there are a few interesting discos & karaokes out there, but I did not investigate (which is unusual for me.)

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  4. Bob
    Back in Luang Prabang, & as luck would have it met up with the honourable DR G & Robert just in from Chiang Mai. So we tempted ourselves & checked out the LP disco last night.
    Name = Duang Champa.
    Entry = 15,000 kip a head & you get 1 bottle of Beer lao.
    The place is pretty new & at least 3 times the size of the old Muang Sua disco in town. (The MS is now closed too.)
    Overall we guys reckon that the DC is well worth a visit. The place has a huge TV / VDO screen & was packed with hundreds of young good looking Lao girls & guys out & about for the night....

    We also knocked off a bot of that 500 baht whisky, down by the river for happy hour & the conclusion is that it aint real. After a full bot in 1 1/4 hrs we were all still sober & totally coherent. I reckon that is must be the same as the fake shyte you get in Tachilek on the Burma / Thai border. So my latest tip is that the Glen Turner malt in LP that I previously recommended aint that wonderful......but you can check it out the next time you are in LP & make a follow up report.

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  5. Hi David

    Guess I will be hitting the duty-free on the trip over.



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