Tire selection?

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  1. I was wondering what the 50/50 (dual purpose) tire selection was like in Thailand and Vietnam? I'm arriving in Bangkok in early October and then flying to Han Oi 2 weeks later to buy my bike for a ride through Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia-Thailand-Malaysia. I plan on buying a Suzuki GN125 and would like to put some better off road tires on it for a little easier time in rural areas. Most of the GN125 rear tires are 100/80x18 but I'm sure a 110/80 would fit. Where is the best place for me to get these near or in Han Oi? Should I buy a set in Bangkok and bring them with me? Any help is appreciated.


  2. Ok, I found the tire sticky, sorry for not searching. I'm still not sure if I should buy a set in Bangkok or if I'll be able to get them in Han Oi? I really don't want to ride all the way to Bangkok for tires since I wanted to start with the NW loop from Hanoi then into Laos via Dien Bien Phu. A quick "buy them in Bangkok" or "no problem in Han Oi" is greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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