TJ Simon - an honorary watching of the MotoGP?

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  1. Well, it will be a year this coming tuesday since TJ lost his fight and as we are all aware, it's only a few short weeks since we said a very premature goodbye to Simon. As they were both fans of MotoGP and tomorrow is the last race of the season, I'm suggesting that anyone in the CNX area who cares to join me in raising a glass to both these fine fellows meet upstairs in the U.N Irish just before the start of the main race at 8pm tomorrow evening.

    David, feel free to move this to the "events" thread but I'm posting at short notice and thought it would get more hits here.


  2. Pikey
    I will be at UN Irish for MotoGP, but more than likely drop by Kawasaki first.
  3. David & Pikey, what time today ?? Will come too, miss u buddies..... :p , cheers, Franz
  4. Franz
    Sun 5:00pm Valencia, Spain, according to the UN IRish Pub info. Sorry I did not put this up earlier but the computer gremlins saw me lose 130 emails this week.
  5. Franz,

    Programming starts at 5pm according to UBC mag with the main race at 8pm our time. I'll be there at 7:45pm. Will be good to catch up with you, esp as I was in Cambodia when you had your house warming.

    See you guys later!


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