To Jack, get well soon!

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  1. This post to wish Jack (Chat Chai // Jaques Guichard) all the best with the recovery of his crash in Laos!
    A legend in his 70's riding all the trails in Thailand (is it 20 years now?), now on his AX-1 with a hart of which the doctor said was not suitable for driving, but tell that to a die hard!
    I'm sure you will going to get through this, and hope to see you again at Nan Guest House !!!

    All the best, Tom & Ratha

  2. Lung Jack has finally checked in..



    Get well soon Lung. There are lots of people on GTR thinking about you.

    If I'm right is that you, badly injured laying in the tray of the pickup with the bike?
  3. A bit more in from the amazing man himself


    That's one hell of a tough 70 year old rider!

    All you guys riding out there in the wilds of Laos, please take note & care.
    Getting medical help & evacuation in Laos is not quite 5-star.
  4. Hello everybody,
    I was not aware that Tom from Nan guest house had put a thread on GTR.
    I phoned him from my hospital bed in BKK where I'd been flewn awaiting my transfer back to france for surgery.
    I cancelled the reservation I had made previously for a couple of nights at Nan gh,back from Laos to show my unfortunate
    riding mate the Doi Phuka loop before going back to CNX.
    I'm now back home,recovering slowly on my crutches and will celebrate my 74th birthday awaiting to ride again my old 500CB around here before going back to Luang Phrabang next fall to ride the 250 AX back to LOS.
    Cheers everybody,
  5. I've never had the pleasure of meeting you but you sound like legend!

    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

  6. All the best and a speedy full recovery..

  7. Hi Jack, although we have never met I hope you get well soon and will be on your AX1 in no time again & enjoy riding !! Cheers, FR
  8. Hey Lung, keep in touch will ya & we will give you an escort back from LPQ - on the asphalt!
    Take care & get well soon mate. Next time we ride together.
  9. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  10. Hi Jack,

    Hope you didn't mind posting without your consent...
    Good luck with the recovery and hope to see you in May!?

    all the best
  11. Hi there Lung.

    Takecare, and get well soon.

  12. Thanks everyone for your concern and wishes.

    I'm just back from seeing the surgeon.Everything is fine,but the full recovery will take time.

    Thanks David for offering an asphalt(lol)escort from LPQ to HOE.

    Think I'll be back in Nov. See you then.

    Cheers, Lung.
  13. Thanks Lung good to know you're recovering ok. See you in November for the ride back!

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