To ride or not to ride, that is the question?

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  1. Hi all,

    need some advice please.

    my buddy and i want to hire a couple or dirt bikes and ride around north Thailand but our timing might be out, we were hoping to be there early september. i know its wet season but my wife and i have to settle on some land in chiayaphum by that time, hence why i'm in Thaialnd at that time.

    Has anyone ever done treks during that time, we've both experienced rider but then again we don't want to be riding in wetsuits either.

    also where is the best place to garb a couple of road trail bikes at that time.


    Dave (AUS)
  2. Hi Dave,

    please look at the pinned bike rental information on this great website. Not sure about the weather, I haven't been in the area yet. Hence no feedback on what to wear or what to expect. But for months, there are going to be daily showers. Which turn your path into a muddy abyss :cry: But then, the rain is warm and will often end quickly. And the paved roads are spectacular as well...

  3. Isn't that half the fun of dirt biking...Riding on challenging surfaces and falling off :lol-sign:

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