To Thailand - No Bike - No CNX

Feb 6, 2003
Into BKK on 10 July midnight arrival, taxi to Sathon area hotel, three days of BKK air left my lungs ripping sore. Bussed (Not biked) out west to Kanchanaburi for a week to visit a Thai family and a dip in the River Kwai. Rode the Death Railway for 2+ hours in a wooden seat only to learn the return train was cancelled due to the loss of air pressure in the breaking system - Hired a local to drive me back to Kanchanaburi.
Rail ticket: 100 Baht; hired driver for return: 600 Baht (Farang fare)

Shoulda, coulda, oughta rented a bike in the first place, but.....didn't.
Actually I did rent a motorbike, one of those 120cc thingies but I only use them in soi's not the real roads.

This was a business trip for me in preparation for my eventual permenent move to Thailand so my holiday spirits weren't really there and didn't feel I had "time off" as it were. Being only a 12 day trip didn't provide me with enough time to come and hang in CNX and ride the North and that was really a remiss. And so I look forward to the day I shall be in TH permanently and have all the time I want in CNX. Targeting November '05 for the move.

Stan G

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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Great to hear from you mate.
Good to know that
1. your making a move to the great sabai of Cnx
2. still contributuing trip reports - well done. you dont ride but still make a trip report, better than those who do ride but dont make a report.

I look forward to seeing you in Cnx again, most likely the Sax Bar or The Kafe (as usual.)

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