Today at the Tiger Motor Co. factory - ride reports

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  1. Well, I liked the ergonomics, engine characteristic and sound of the Tiger Boxer 250 RS.

    The X-Road looks awesome. There are a few changes I would like to see though - making the tank narrower and rounding the edge where the legs touch the tank. And a more powerful engine with an exhaust producing a deep sound.

    Bring your reports, what are your impressions?

    The factory seems a fun place to work: smiling faces and a ball game during break time. In the show room, they have 3 Kawasaki GTO built once opon a time at this factory. These bring back memories - I regret selling such a 250 cc stroker. These are trade-ins and for sale @ 12,000 after some factory overhaul.

    Thanks to Mr. Pariya and the Tiger Motor Co. staff who are enthusiasts and Reinhard (MBOX) for having us today!

    Ride on,
  2. Reinhard
    Thank you for organizing today's tour.
    It was very good to meet you & the others from the forums as well as K Pariya.
    It's a pity that the TT150 isn't going to happen at least for the foreseeable future,
    and that Tiger dealerships appear to be a little too rare on the ground.
    If you do have a chance to post a link to a dealership directory it would be a help to all those interested.
    The website doesn't appear to be working.
    Also props to being an advocate for them & bringing these new Tigers to our attention.
    I hope they appreciate it.
  3. Chris,

    Personally i like the looks and the seating position plus comfort on the x-road 250 .... with the downsides as mentioned by testers ( not enough power and shocks seem to absorb rather little) i still like to have it. I think as real offroader the X-road may not qualify ,but it does as decent motard for me ( being rather new to motards)

    Bikecare's website seems to be is really so often here that they don't pay much attention on representing themselfs on the internet. I do not have a list of dealers but you can have a look here:
    Be advised that the Chiang Mai Contacts seem to be rather unhelpful and have little interest in selling Tiger/Sachs Bikes. As option: you can order them online delivered right to your door (or nearest possible) : (fully backed by Khun Pariya & Tiger Motors)

    About the TT150...even the show model has now gone so this seems to be paused indefinitely...if the status changes i will let you know and i will also take it out from the online Shop too.

    happy trails,

  4. Colin there was no date mentioned as they awaiting the emission story . I promise you if i would have any dates i would have posted it here already & sent you an email to your email address.

    happy trails,

  5. I am pretty sure it is going to be a carbed version ....just something that was pointed out by Khun Pariya yesterday - btw.tiger is sucessfully running E85 on some of their of them was actually ridden yesterday, i think it was the boxer( but there was no E85 in the tank due to lack of fuel stations stocking this). There is nowhere written what displacement or if it has to carbed or FI simply needs to fulfill emission controls..or maybe they bring it as x-road 125 ?? And have a upgrade kit for 250 cc available? But you're right it would be nice if they would do the FI now and don't have headaches over waiting on the emission story...

    happy trails,

  6. Yes, and it was very pity, that there was no TT for a testride avaible.
    What made me surprised.............. Not even one little sticker, cap, shirt, cup with Tiger Logo for merchandising was avaible.
    Reinhard, we must rebirth the idea with the T-Shirts .
  7. Hi there,

    I want to give some news over the TT150...this project is not dead it is just a bit later than usual(i think we can expect it sometimes in 2011). And there are other projects "behind closed doors " as i been given to understand.
    The T-shirt-idea and other things( stickers, keyrings...) has been re-born as i will ,in cooperation of Tiger Motors( supported by designs and logos ...), have something made. Those will not be for free but i try to keep it low priced and available on the Tiger/Sachs online shop...sure hope i don't end up sitting on lot of stock.
    happy trails,

  8. Put me down for a G-Max. I've got some chickens to chase.

    I can find references to mods like cams etc but so far the only parts I can find are Variator rollers Like Dr. Pulley.

    Mbox thanks for organizing the tour.

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