Tom F.1770

Nov 14, 2004
Hi Tom are you still asride Dorris( not as we speak).Hey saw your picks of 1770 QLD.
Mate have they got plans for the pub an shop/resturant there, spent newyears there at 1770, up the road, dida ride to Turkey beach, a crewsy adverture enduro ride, whats hap'n in China with you, whens your next adventure? Stay upright!
Scott....Land of OZ..
Jul 6, 2004
Hi Scot, Ye mate, I still have my places at 1770.Great place to veg out. By the way I am back in Oz working, as they say, it's hard to hit a moving target.
The Chinese don't realy nead us "white monkeys" anymore, their engineering is as good or better than ours and much cheaper.
I am back in Newcastle doing design work on some coal mining plant in the Hunter Valley, and Doris is alive and well, with a $1200 upgrade on headlights and front suspension. Shes ready to go again with 55,000k on the clock.
I will be in Chiang Mai in July with a couple of old dirt bike mates and plan to do the border areas in the wet.
If you are in OZ again give me an email.

"I used to spend all of my money on fast cars, women and booze, now I just squander it." George Best 1946-2005 RIP