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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by scot harper, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hey Tom where in the world are you, what riding have you been doing? hows Doris?
    Regards Scott :)
  2. G'day Scott,
    Yep its been awhile.
    I have finally got my shit together here in Oz. Took me bloody two and a half years to get enough cash to get back to the LOS.
    Last time I seen the GT Rider boys was 2 years ago when I worked in Shanghai.
    Well I am now in the fortunate position to get back up there (for 6 months)
    I have been working in the mines in Mt Isa getting the cash together.
    Old Doris is getting shipped to KL on the 25th September, and I should pick her up just before the Malaysian Moto GP.
    Then back to Samui for a couple of weeks then up to CM mid November till Xmas.

    So maybe we can catch up.
    Were are you now?

  3. Tom does that mean you're on Ko Samui now?
  4. How are you Dave?
    No mate, I am back in Oz at the moment, working in Mt Isa, I do 3 weeks straight then a week off. I sneaked up to Samui last week for a bit of R&R as I needed some TLC from my current Thai squeeze. Also I am getting involved with a golf club (another story).
    I am back in LOS on the 30th Sept. for 6 months and I pick up Doris a week or so later from Port Klang Malaysia.
    Will be at the Malaysian Moto GP. Then up to see you first week in November.
    I will give you an email when I leave Samui.

    See you soon
  5. G'day Capt,
    That was our paralympic team you beat!
    Wailt until London, I reckon the Thai's will get more medals that you guys.
    And what about the opening ceremony... a London bus!!
    See you soon
  6. Hey Tom great to hear your alive an kik'n, Mt Isa hey mate theres a shortage of galls in that town!!

    I'm still in Sydney, of to Vietnam in Jan still planing to get back to C'Mai, life gets in the way.

    Have a great sojourn in the land of smiles, Samui is always a top spot to kick back.

    Regarts an stay upright....Scott

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