Tom Tom SEA for iPhone any good?

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm thinking of getting the Tom Tom sea app for iPhone for my next tour around northern Thailand and was just wondering if anyone has used it, and if so what your opinions where. Is it accurate and reliable etc.

    And also, from what i understand you shouldn't need any extra connection, wi-fi or 3g, (yes, i'm new at this..:) ) to use it, correct?

    Any input is highly appreciated.
  2. I did a bit of googling on this previously.. Must say most of the reports were not very praising of the software.

    You are correct.. no Internet connectivity needed.. though it will take up a fair bit of memory on your iPhone.
  3. Thanks for the reply,

    I just found another gps app on the app-store "sygic southeast asia" which supposedly uses the same maps as TomTom with free app and maps updates etc. It looks a bit goofy in my opinion, but maybe goofy is good, i don't know. However, at less than half the price of the TomTom it might even be worth to get just to see how it performs.

    If anyone have used any of these two, please let me know what you thought of them...
  4. I bought the Sygic Southeast Asia app a couple of weeks ago, haven't used it much but so far it's been fine. Like yourself I thought it was worth a try to get the Tom Tom maps at a much lower cost. The POI database is not a large as ESRI but it does have Google local search integrated which is useful and doesn't use up much internet bandwidth. I use it more as a 'where am I' type of app rather than a turn by turn navigation aid as the iPhone is tucked in my pocket while riding.
  5. I have it and it is fine, and at 50.00 USD cannot be beat for a decent GPS
  6. Thanks much for the input,

    I'm beginning to lean towards the TomTom after all, it just seems to be a bit more solid.. and I read some very irritated comments about sygic not updating their maps very often (or at all). Hoghead, does the map-updates work ok with TomTom?
  7. don't know as I have never tried updates and not even sure that the app supports this
  8. From what i understand from the description for v1.8 "- Daily free map updates wherever you are, via Map Share™" it should support it.. maybe its something thats going on in the background then? Does it take a lot of battery when in use?
  9. Just an update,

    I did get it and am pretty pleased. It works better than expected, even if i can't use while riding yet (haven't found a good holder for the iPhone), it's very usable. I'd definitely recommend it. And yes, it takes a lot of battery when running..:)

    Happy trails!
  10. Well when you find a good & safe holder for the Iphone let me know .... I used a HTC-phone in a open-holder on the handle-bar and dust & vibration killed it. So I now keep it in the tank-bag. I saw one good holder but it did not have space to plug in the charger-cable.

  11. I have a LIFEPROOF case for my iPhone - that should solve the dust problem (it's actually waterproof to 10 feet). Not cheap at $70 but certainly cheaper than a new iPhone...

    No idea on holders but looking for one myself. I got some cheapo GPS software and looking for ways to import map data into these now. They both use open maps so I think it should be good.

    iPhone battery use will be very high with a maps app running so having a power source is a must if you want to mount it on the handlebar.
  12. I used sygic on Android once, it was quite good, can't recommend HTC phones though, especially the HTC Sensation seems to have problems with dust getting under the screen.

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