Tony and Trent's Bangkok- Pattaya- Trat Weekend Blast

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  1. BangkokHatLekMap.

    Friday night in Pattaya- wow, can't remember what I spent, but tight ass Trent figures he spent something like 10,000 Baht...

    Not a single pic and that's as it should be!

    Crashed just before sunrise and woke up a bit late on Saturday, still drunk... Hangover breakfast and then off we went at 1100 towards Trat and the Hat Lek border town.

    I'll let Trent tell you how that went! ;) Ha ha ha!!!

    Great ride though- not a drop of rain. Superbike Pete- you really are a soft cock!

    After the Mission Accomplished (or not?) at Hat Lek we decided it was time to find a place to stay-

    Came across this beautiful resort, big beautiful bungalows for only 750 Baht/night.


    A remarkable change of pace from the previous night in Pattaya!


    Went out for a massage- cute girls, mediocre massage.

    Found a really dodgy looking place for dinner with cute Khmer girls who fed us surprisingly good food. Amazed when the bill came- only 620 Baht!

    We made some friends at the resort-


    Back to Bangkok on Sunday- encountered some patches of rain, at times heavy, but not too bad. By the time we rolled into Bangkok a little after noon the sun was out and we were dry.

    Great blast! I'd like to do it again with more time to explore some of the roads in Trat and continue on into Cambodia- Trat reminded me a lot of Kanchanaburi.

    The name of the resort: Yataa Spa and Resort:

    HIGHLY recommended.

    Happy Trails!

  2. Tony

    Those Hut's Looks nice, and good price as well.

    Well abt the night life with Trent...i can only Image,,that man has reputation,,,,

    nice to hear you guys had a blast again and again.....
  3. Looked like an awesome trip Tony, just wish I had time off to join you two. To much work this year for me, however light in the end of the tunnel, looks like I will have 3 - 4 months between projects November - February which is a great riding season in Thailand, so I cross my fingers and knock on woods for that tto come true.

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