Tool To Get Some Khmer Language Skills


Mar 10, 2006
For those who think that at least a basic knowledge of Khmer language will improve their biking trip experience, I came accross this new "Beginning Khmer Language Textbook"... Fresh from the oven, just issued in February 2007.
I had been looking for Khmer Language tuitions for a long time in Bangkok... Believe it or not, it's not easy to find.However Thailand is is still amazing, sometimes, and I met Frank Smith in my own condominium.
I just copy here the back cover of the textbook where the author introduces himself:
"Frank Smith has been speaking, reading and writing Khmer since 1987. He 's taught Khmer, mostly at the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI), off and on since 1990. Frank wrote an earlier version of this texbook in 2001, and also a Heritage (upper level) Khmer language textbook (2006. He 's the author of an annoted presentation of the Khmer novel Sophat by Rim Kin, with study guide (2002, a Heritage Lao language textbook and Beginning Lao study guide (2005), and a host of web-based multimedia teaching materials for Khmer. Frank currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand, where he prepares teaching materials for Khmer and Lao languages when he's not teaching at SEASSI at the University of Wisconsin-Madison".
Frank can be contacted through his website:

I want to make clear that I have no business interest in the sale of textbooks. It took me quite a while to find them and I just wish to share the information with those interested.
Wish you all good luck on the roads...