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  1. The latest 2 episodes of Top Gear have the 3 intrepid crazies driving old trucks thru Burma to Mae Sai then get a little lost in Thailand as they where supposed to build a bridge over the river Kwai.
    The ended up in some farmers land and on a river called "Kok".
    You can down load these episodes now.
    Very entertaining if not purely politically and geographically correct.
  2. Below is a link to download both parts of the Top Gear episodes:

    Episode s21e06 is about driving old trucks north from Yangon/Rangoon
    and through Shan territory, exiting into Thailand at Mae Sai.
    I viewed this episode on Mar-9, when it first became available.
    It was the most interesting of the 2 episodes as they drove through
    Shan territory.

    Episode s21e07 became available on Mar-16 and is a recap of the earlier
    Mayanmar episode, then entering Thailand to build a bridge 19-miles/30-km
    south of Mae Sai on what they were initially lead to believe was the Kwai river.

    BBC must have spent a bundle to allow the three intrepid adventurers and large,
    but unseen, trip support crew to drive through Mayanmar and later build a large
    bridge on the Thai river.
  3. If you read the 'credits' at the end of Episode 2, i count at least 14 cameramen. sound crew, 3 mechanics and more. Plus producers, medics etc. i give them credit for somehow getting permission to cross the Shan State and exit Burma at Tachilek. Not to mention getting the OK to bring those trucks into Thailand. The typical Top Gear shenanigans and staged mishaps, but a great logistical achievement.

    It was clear they weren't going to make it to the River Kwai as it is due east of Mandalay, the start, and they chose to go all the way north. The Nam Mae Kok runs from Thaton through Chiang Rai. Some 60+ km from Mae Sai.

    Jeremy Clark is getting criticized for "racist" comments. A 'slope' on the bridge. Silly political correctness.
  4. Hmmm, the episodes were on YouTube but seems they've been removed. Here's the BBC trailer which give you a small taste of their entertaining romp through Myanmar-

  5. If you know how to download Torrents, they are also available at;
  6. Does anybody know the exact location of the bridge they built ..... and whether they left it standing for the locals ?
  7. No,sorry,but I do know the name of the song they were singing around the fire.....

  8. I've read that the BBC told him: one more racist remark and you're history!

    Silly, since the show is interesting and entertaining because of all the nonsense they come up with, and their comments.

    I've never heard the word "slope" being used in a racist way. Must be a British thing.

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