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  1. Did you see that?

    if so what is yout coments?

    i found that unbelibe funny
  2. Hi Marco,

    I assume this is the special where they ride through Vietnam...

    You wouldn't believe how many people here in Aus, as soon as I mention about riding bikes in Thailand ask "Did you see that Top Gear Vietnam Special"... it has really opened peoples eyes to what Asia has to offer, away from organised tours and girlie bars...

    I thought it was actually a pretty typical Top Gear episode, completely unbelievable and staged, yet hillarious at the same time...

    Makes me want to give Vietnam a try, if only I could get my fill of Thailand in the short time I have for vacations...

  3. Hi Marco,
    Daewoo is right, been out for nearly 2 years in OZ.
    Good fun, it is interesting since those 2 idiots did Long Way Round, every none biker reckons it is easy to travel long distances on a bike.
    Now Top Gear has done Vietnam, every non biker wants a holiday in Vietnam, maybe they should have done the MHS loop.
    Good for the motorbike industry, I wonder how it affects the bike hire businesses in Asia?
    You can see even on this site the number of young newbees wanting to simulate Top Gear.
    Cheers Tom

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