Topograpichal US made maps of Laos. 1:50000

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    Topograpichal US made maps of Laos. 1:50000

    I came over a very interesting Web page with maps made during the Vietnam war for almost all of Laos.
    These maps are 50 years old! The terrain has not changed and the details on these maps are superior to any maps I have seen for Laos. Combine these maps with tracks and new road maps and you will have a very good idea about the terrain you are about to enter.

    There is 2 KMZ files to download and links to the maps will be displayed in Google Earth as dots and rectangle for the area of coverage.
    WEB page: Laos Topographic Maps
    A screen shoot of Gogle Earth looks like this.


    A map for Luang Prabang in reduced size.

    To download the maps can be a bit tricky depending of browser. A sure thing is to right click the download map and copy the link and past it to you browser and save the map/picture.

    The map files are large. About 10-20 Mb.

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